New Smelter, Master!

Okay, okay- it’s not a smelter.. It’s just a furnace!

The old one was so ancient looking that Master Pravus and me would laugh looking at it, and I had remarked that it looked exactly like the baseline smelter from Overlord! >.< Haha! It was supposed to take one day, and then it took two, and then three. Before we knew it- it took five total days to install, and to be honest we’re not entirely sure why! They never told us there was any kind of delay in particular, they just never seemed to bring all the parts they needed, quit uncommonly early for no real reason, and then said they weren’t coming back until the next day. They also would just not tell us any of this until they had already left and were gone. It was really annoying. Maybe they were overbooked on jobs, I don’t know. ::Shrugs::

I guess the important thing is that they did fix the furnace, and they did do a beautiful job. Even the electrician remarked that it was a very nice looking furnace down there. Ha ha. The best part is, the house isn’t cold anymore. Huzzah!

Oh right, why was the electrician here? Well, we had the stairlift people out so they could do the evaluation of our staircases, etc, and of course- we didn’t have an outlet where we needed one! So he had to put one in. If we don’t have an outlet, there can’t be a stairlift. An unfortunate oversight that’s easily remedied but unfortunately does push the timeline back a little bit. We also had a couple little problems around the house we asked him to look at: a light that didn’t work, and a fuse in the basement that just plain didn’t run for whatever reason.

The boxes finally arrived!

Studio, in pieces

It took a while to coordinate mainly because after they left us in the lurch last time, we called them up on the phone and did our best to set up a time that wouldn’t interfere with Master Pravus’ work. (It was going to take all day because we needed to go an hour away, then an hour back, then unload two full crates of stuff). Well. They promised us our stuff would be there at 9AM. We got our movers there, and of course there were no crates. Like, none. Then, no one was in the office either. So we called up the crate storage company (while our movers just hung around) and they swore that our stuff should be outside. Just walk around and look they said.

We get out of the car and try to look for our crates, but we also try to explain that, all of these crates are unlocked, and also most are stacked three crates high.

“I can’t control that,” came the woman on the other line.

“So if ours is two off the ground?”

“You’ll just have to move your things carefully.”


It took an additional hour an a half to get them to concede that our crates were, in fact, inside the warehouse, and to get someone to go into the warehouse and get the crates for us. But long story short nothing at all had gone right with the crates and if you had any other way to move across country I personally would highly recommend that option to you. This was nothing but headaches to us.

We got to our house, and literally everything else was supremely easy after that because our movers were fabulous. The only thing that was a little hard was that we all got an alert for snow squalls that started hitting in the middle of carrying boxes up, and there’s two sets of stairs outside, two inside and another to get to the top room. That’s not counting the basement set.. :/ So the poor movers in the snow squalls! But they were really champs and they never stopped moving and they were really amazing! We were so impressed!

Right now we’re doing our best to get everything unpacked and I’m trying to get the studio to a place where it’s in a bare-minimum setup. The only thing that was damaged in the entire move (that we have seen so far, we haven’t unpacked nearly a fraction of the boxes) is the studio futon. We’re going to go try to buy some parts to see if we can fix it up. Other than that I have the cameras (we took those with us), laptops, the computers, a bunch of my costumes, an assortment of bondage equipment, and one lone glass dildo. LOL! Once we get the futon fixed, the futon will be in a place where we can actually make content on a more regular basis again. Without it, there’s nowhere to shoot in Boxland. Haha.

I did manage to get the kitchen unpacked enough that I was able to make Master Pravus a dinner that wasn’t just a sandwich, which was really nice. I’m glad I was able to cook him something for once. We really have like, one pot and two pans right now, but at least we’re finding more.

It’s just so nice to finally be here. To be setting up. To have a place that feels like home even though it’s not totally “ready” yet. It doesn’t need to be ready. We spent the last year closing up shop, packing, moving, travelling, searching for the right place, and to finally be slipping back into a familiar routine feels good and right and perfect. Creating the space we want, figuring out how to solve what we need to solve in a space that we can do that. It feels good, man.


The Cat Is The Soul Of The Home

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