Paracord In The Tub

Normally, when I’m in the bathtub I wear a special feeding tube belt. It’s different than my feeding tube belt that I wear when I am walking around doing my normal day-to day stuff because:

  • It allows a lot more access to my skin since I’m bathing.
  • It’s also only made out of elastic (a lot slimmer piece of elastic than the fabric I ordinarily use for my day to day wear of my feeding tube). This allows me to move the tube around pretty easily to wash under, around, etc. all while allowing the tube to be held up and supported still.
  • Because it’s so slim, it holds the tube in a much different position than it ordinarily does and this would be 100% uncomfortable in my day to day. It’s really only comfortable for bathing and showering.

Since I’m basically made out of tissue paper if I don’t have something holding the tube up at all times, it literally just falls out. So the belt is necessary. When I’m not in the shower or a bathtub, I have a completely different and more luxe belt that works 100% differently and than the shower belt and is also fabulous and allows me to do what I need to do on a day to day basis. But this isn’t about that.

Both belts are great, and both were actually designed by Master Pravus when I was flat on my back during my initial feeding tube surgery healing time. I couldn’t walk around or move or anything and I needed something to support the tube. They had some online, but we didn’t love the belts that existed and made our own. No, this isn’t an ad. We don’t sell them. (Ha ha!) But neither belt lasts longer than about a year before we need to make a new one. That’s not too bad when you consider that I wear them every single day and they get a lot of usage and a lot of washing.

One thing about the move though is that, while we’re making fabulous strides in unpacking- we’re not set up yet. The Mewtique room is coming along, but it’s not ready to sew, and the only thing set up in there is the tea maker! LOL! That means that the sewing machine isn’t ready to go yet. We do have it sitting up there, and you could just take it out of the box, but I still don’t know where any of the fabric or anything else is, so I haven’t done anything with it yet.

So I went to take a (xxx) tubbie last night, and before I climbed in I noticed the shower belt I was about to use looked like it was on its last legs.

“I don’t know if its gonna hold. Do we have any other ones?”

I mean, it was literally holding on by one spindly looking thread. >.>

“They’re in the wash, I think,” said Master Pravus.

So we put it on me and I climbed into the tub, pretty sure there was next to no hope. I mean. One spindly looking thread. >.< About a minute or so after he left me in the tub I mewed out a “help.”


“Belt din’t hold.” I held up the broken belt in one hand, and I held the tube close to my body with the other hand.

Master Pravus ran into the other room, grabbed the paracord that I just got playing The Game the other night, and we came up with this. Not pretty, and we were in a rush since my tube was just dangling there so we didn’t actually finish the end that was attached to me in any kind of way, but we’ll probably keep a reasonable length around for emergencies now. Something we could easily tie my tube up with, that won’t unravel, but this piece we weren’t terribly concerned about. I just needed something quick that we could use and this did the job.

Anytime can be kink time, when in doubt- use rope! 😀

Rope uses in non-necessarily-kinky situations as documented on my blog… #2? ::giggles::

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