Humiliated Little Piggy

Utimi Nipple Sucking Vibrator Set

Utimi recently allowed me to choose a couple of toys from their website to review, and when I saw these nipple sucking vibrators I instantly had ideas for what we could do with them. I sent the link to Master Pravus, and as I suspected he had some ideas of this own as well. We haven’t even done any of the things I was thinking about yet, but we may or may not get to those eventually. We’ll see. ::eViL gRiN::

It’s Winking!

First of all, let’s show you the toy. You get two piggies. Yes, they’re shaped like piggies. Oh lordie! Well, yes, to many people the piggy shape is going to be an instant turn-off, but to me, and I think to many of my readers here- the piggy shape might be just the thing they were looking for. I instantly thought of all the fun humiliating circumstances these could be used in. While we’ve never done any pig play specifically, I’d love to try it someday. We’ll see! For now though, I’m experimenting with these nipple suction things.

A view of the inside texture.

If you’ve been a reader here for any length of time at all, or even if you’ve just clicked on this post, you’ve probably noticed that I have huge titties. So this review will be told from the side of a person with huge boobers. I can’t vouch for how well the “suction” works for someone with smaller tits than I have (I wear a 40DD bra as of the time of this review) but I can tell you that the “suction” was nearly nonexistent here.

The instructions tell you that for small breasts you can just squeeze the air out and apply to breasts, and then for big breasts, it tells you to flip the cup completely inside out and then apply. We had only moderate luck. The instruction booklet recommended applying lubricant to the suction cups before applying and that didn’t help at all. While you can see the cups sticking to my tits.. We had to use sock glue to make that happen! Yep. Sock glue! I can tell you that the sock glue didn’t harm the silicone material in any way (and it is definitely silicone because it reliably passed a flame test), it also does wash off with soap and water, but I can also tell you that it didn’t really do a whole hell of a lot to make these stay on for a while. They still would fall off after only a short amount of time. This was without the vibrators attached. They were so flimsy when it came to sticking to my huge tits that I didn’t bother to attach the vibrators when I was in any sort of upright position at all.

So what can you do if you want to play with these for a longer period of time or you want to use them in conjunction with the vibrating bullets that come with them? It recommends you wear a bra with them. This is something that is either necessary or they’re just not going to stay on, and if you’re someone who finds a bra to be problematic, then there are still other options. You could tie these on with rope, use bondage tape, or try some other form of bondage. I think that even putting these on underneath an overbust corset might work, depending on how tight the corset itself is.

The Miracle Shot Where The Piggies Stuck

I think the toy I received was defective slightly. The vibrator part arrived already charged, and when I plugged it in it started buzzing immediately. It has ten vibration modes, and you’re supposed to be able to cycle through using the button (that part worked fine), but turning it off didn’t work at all. In order to turn it off you’re supposed to just hold the button down for a long press of three seconds and it turns straight off. That didn’t work at all. Nope. I thought maybe it was that my hand strength was too weak or something so I asked Master Pravus if he could try and he couldn’t get it to turn off either- so we had to just pull the plug out of the device to make it stop vibrating. :/ I would say that’s a major downside.

The vibrations do feel really nice on though and this is great to sensitize and tease the breasts prior to a tit torture or a nipple spanking to heighten sensations. Wearing little piggies on your nipples could be totally fun.. If only you could get them to stay for any real length of time. I think that this could still be fun for the right person or couple, but there are definite drawbacks, like the bullets not turning off.

Cleaning these is pretty simple and I’d recommend just soap and water and letting them air dry. You could use antibacterial soap and water or a toy cleaner too.

As far as doing what they say, I would have to give these little piggies three paws:

3 paws for these little pigs

Thank you so much, Utimi, for allowing me the opportunity to review this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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