After Sex Energy Bursts

I’ve been wondering about this for a while, but the answer came to me recently and I deleted an annoyingly long tweet string when I realized I should just write up a blog post instead. XD I’ve never been prone to being lazy or laying around after sex. I mean, sure, I do enjoy snuggling up with my partner- but not directly after we have sex or after any type of scene whether or not sex was involved. I’ve been this way my entire life, and I’ve never really been sure why, but kind of chalked it up to “well, everyone’s different, I guess” and never really worried about it. It’s not really a big deal, anyway. If I don’t fall asleep right after sex, what does it really matter? If we happen to fuck super late in the evening, I can just lie awake for a while and think about what we did, or just watch my partner sleep, or stare at the ceiling. It’s not going to kill me. We don’t generally have sex at 3AM so it’s not the worst curse in the world anyway. And if I happen to have a burst of energy early evening or midday, well- then the energy burst goes to good use!

I may have finally figured out what’s going on though, as silly as this is about to sound. You know how sometimes things will just sort of go “click” and you’ll go “OH!” and everything makes sense all of a sudden? That’s kind of what happened. We were finishing up having some playtime in which I was partially bound, not quite predicament bondage, but something that was a physical challenge for me to do. My hands were bound in my (aff) fist mitts and I had a gag in. Master Pravus had me doing some physically demanding positions over and over again without the use of my hands. It was really hot, and I came pretty hard. Afterwards, I again experienced the lack of a lull that most people get from sex, and instead wanted to get up and run around and felt a burst of energy. I often feel that way. Many partners in the past note this being unusual and that they themselves want to lay around and wallow for a while.

It wasn’t immediately after the session that I made the connection, actually. It was the next day, when I was in the middle of a strength training workout that worked similar muscles. After my strength training (or any workouts, really) I also experience a burst of energy, and it made me think. The type of sex or scenes that Master Pravus and me have aren’t vanilla sessions, and I think that a lot of kinksters probably do things which are similar in intensity to a workout. Workout sessions, strength training and aerobic exercise have all been linked with increases in energy. Obviously one of the key ingredients here is endorphins and how we all process them differently. But it’s a cool thing to finally realize!

What about you? Are you one of those people who gets sort of floaty afterwards or do you feel a burst of energy? I’m not talking about deep in subspace or Domspace, but afterwards, when the scene is totally over and done with. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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