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CONTENT WARNINGDiscussions of medical nature. Talk of feeding tubes. You’re responsible for your own time on the Internet and you get to choose where and how you spend it. If reading medical posts will upset you please do not read further. If you’re interested, please go on.

Well, I’ve told you about seeing Doctor “A,” who I really got along with, but who didn’t have the part I needed in stock that day, so I couldn’t get my feeding tube fixed back in May. Phooey. And then, he wound up referring me to “Doctor ‘B‘” who was just a Twit. Neither Master Pravus or I liked him in any kind of way, and by some odd slip of fate he wound up being “suddenly and unexpectedly out of the office for an entire month” when we called up to tell him that I was still leaking profusely and needed to have another consult. At that point, the office referred me to “Doctor C.”

We don’t even really know how we feel about Doctor C. He seems a nice enough guy I guess. But nice isn’t really the important thing when it comes to a surgeon. I mean, you need someone who knows what they’re doing. We met him in person and he agreed to get me in as soon as possible because he agreed with us that this has gone on for way too long. At this point I have lost over thirty pounds and counting and can’t take formula at all and I get weaker all the time. It’s preposterous. But weight loss aside- leaking like this is going to lead to another major infection if it continues to go unchecked. We need to solve that too. It’s ridiculous.

The thing is. He insists we do the surgery by cutting my midline open again. He says it won’t work any other way, and both Master Pravus and me are really concerned about that. He said laparoscopic wasn’t an option. We are both worried that will cause me to take a lot longer to heal. Doctor C did say he agrees with the original surgeon that I consulted with after our move that the biggest reason why the surgeries keep failing is probably that the surgeon I was seeing in Colorado was using the wrong thing to fix my hernias with. That did make me feel hopeful. I mean. I’m seriously tired of having all of these surgeries and I don’t want to go into this with a “THIS IS THE LAST ONE” attitude because that always sets you up for disappointment but it’s reassuring that more than one surgeon looked at my case and said “You shouldn’t ever fix hernias with this, because that always fails..” At least it wasn’t something I personally did to cause it.

Anyway. I was supposed to have the surgery two weeks ago, but as I was getting in line to get my COVID test done, they called me on the phone to tell me they booked the surgical theater wrong and reschedule me. So I’m going to get my surgery for this Friday. I don’t know how long I will be in the hospital because Doctor C literally said “awhile” and I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean. He didn’t give me any kind of idea how long it would take me to get home at all. Talk about frustrating. I haven’t even gone and I just want to come home. >.< With COVID numbers still being absolutely terrible, I don’t think Master Pravus will be allowed to stay with me this time.

I just have fingers crossed everything goes well this time. It seems like from the minute we got here we’ve been trying so hard to get my tube fixed so we could get the house in order and really start living. Step one: Fix the unusable feeding tube and the hernias at the same time.

Step two: Finish unpacking.

Step three: PARTY. ::Laughs::


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