It’s OK, Let Autocorrect Have This One

Powerful Sucking Duck by HoneySX

“What the DUCK?”

No need to have that fixed. Autocorrect got you on this one. 😉

The first thing that drew me to the Tryfun KISS Series Duck Sucking Massager by HoneySX is how absolutely adorable it is. If this was just laying on the bed, it’s not necessarily something that would be recognizable as a sex toy. It’s very small and would easily fit in a pocket if need be, or you could put it in a luggage for travel because it won’t take up a lot of room. The HoneySX page specifically says this cute little duck is “Designed specifically for young Asians” and boasts a “cute and compact design.”

This cute, duck sucker toy has two colors: pink and yellow- and the box I got had a pink duck on the outside but a yellow one inside. I honestly would have been thrilled with any color duck, but I just wanted to mention that I don’t think the color of the duck matches up with the box, necessarily. That is, unless I got a weird box. ::Shrug::

The duck is 3.5″ tall and 2.5″ wide from wing tip to wing tip. The smooth silicone feels really soft and nice in your hands and I didn’t find it at all uncomfortable to hold. One thing I love about this little duck, too, is that it’s waterproof! So not only can you use it in the tub or shower but it’s really easy to clean up when you’re done with play time. No need to worry about getting water into it.

Duck Comes With Everything You See Here, Including Stand and Carry Bag

The toy comes with a stand to charge it on. The stand is super cute, and I really love that it helps keep dust off the toy when you’re not using it. It’s really easy to charge the duck. There’s a magnet where the feet would be, and the stand just holds the toy upright (no fiddling or anything) and charges with no worries at all. While the duck charges, his tail flashes and when it’s done charging it’ll stop blinking.

Keep in mind that your new Tryfun KISS Series Duck is made from food grade silicone, which is wonderful and a lot of people prefer nowadays, but in order to keep it safe you’re going to want to make sure that you don’t use silicone based lubricant with it. Water-based should work excellently on your new toy and when it comes time to clean up, your waterproof toy can be run under the tap with mild soap.

But how did the duck perform?

The Wide Mouth Of The Duck Has Its Advantages

To start off, I had a few ups and downs with this toy. I enjoy it a lot, but it’s only after I played around with it a little bit to understand how it works for me and my body. There’s eight settings programmed in, and you can cycle through them using the wings (how adorable is that?). I really liked the feel of the first setting, and after a while I wondered about turning the toy up to get a little more stimulation, (there’s so many modes after all!) but I found that the second mode was so intense that I couldn’t handle it at all! There’s someone out there who loves a lot of stimulation who will love this about the duck, but I do wish there was a setting between one and two, something just a bit less intense. It just feels like it goes from one to sixty and I couldn’t handle it at all! There’s a couple of modes that oscillate that were really nice, but I’m not generally able to orgasm with patterns and prefer a steady rhythm so I found those to be more of a tease. What wound up working the best for me was to play with a rhythm until I couldn’t take it anymore and then switch to the first setting, and leave it there.

The best feature about the Tryfun KISS Series Duck in my opinion is the beak, and not just that it’s a sucking toy… I’ve had lot of problems in the past with the suction portion of similar toy styles being a little bit on the small side. It’s not that they don’t feel good, but what I really want is a toy that will encase the shaft of the clitoris and most of them just don’t do that for me. Because of the large opening (almost .75″) of the duck’s beak this nearly happens, and it feels so amazing! I absolutely felt so good. I really feel the larger opening is such a major benefit to this toy. Having a tiny opening on other toys means it takes me so much longer to get to an orgasm, but with my little ducky buddy it’s much more enjoyable.

There’s one other thing that’s important to note if you’re considering getting a Tryfun KISS Series Duck Sucking Massager is there’s a warning I didn’t actually notice until it was on the way to me, and it might have been pertinent in my situation. It warns not to use it if you have any medical devices like a pacemaker, and I have an Enterra Device to help my nausea. Pacemakers have similar technology to my device, so I just tried to keep the duck at least six inches from my device at all times and I didn’t notice any problem. If you have a pacemaker or any internal device though, it does recommend avoiding this product and I just wanted to give a head’s up because I don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone. I mean, if my Enterra Device malfunctions, I’ll get nauseous. But if someone’s pacemaker malfunctions I don’t know how serious it could be. So I just wanted to make mention of it in case. I didn’t see it and I wanted to be sure that others saw it before they purchased their toy.

Anyway, I didn’t have a lot of actual problems with my duck. I think it’s adorable and I really love it a lot. I’m going to give it four paws:

4 paws

Thank you so much, HoneySX, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this adorable toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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