Road To Rivendell: Week 8

Aah! I’ve wanted to write up this post all week but we were doing upgrades on the computer and I couldn’t use it for three days! Ughhh. Anyway, it was a banner week and I walked a total of 4.91 miles! I’m so pleased with how well I’ve been doing since the surgery. I’m nowhere near where I need to be to knock this goal out before the goal due date, but I know I will get there in time.

One thing I’ve not discussed here yet is that, in order to make this goal happen on time, I would need to be hitting two miles a day everyday since I started. That would be fourteen miles per week. I’m clearly not hitting fourteen miles per week but I have years ahead of me, and I am hoping that as I get stronger and progress further I will be making up for lost time. Hopefully. Cross your fingers for me. I’m out here crossing Middle Earth and trying my best. After all, the second week was less than three miles. I’m going to just keep putting one foot in front of the other: like Frodo!

33.26 Miles total.

364.15 Miles left to reach Rivendell.

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