#70: A Piece Of Cake

A Piece of Cake

I did it! #70 is crossed off on my Day Zero Project list, making this the first goal I’ve crossed off this time around. I finished this a couple of weeks ago while I was lying around with a fever, but it took me a little bit to get up and feel well enough to do an update. Still, I’m so excited to finally be making some progress with my list.

We’re still working on unpacking the library, but as we were unpacking the library I came across A Piece of Cake, by Cupcake Brown. I had started it before we moved and in the cyclone of unpacking it got buried behind a bunch of boxes in the room the truck got unloaded into and I hadn’t seen it for months. Then I started in on a different book and kind of forgot about it in there. I was really unhappy I couldn’t get to it too, because it’s one of books that from start to finish you don’t really want to stop reading.

The book is a memoir about Miss. Brown, who experiences life through the foster system (which was terrible to her as an understatement) and she winds up prostituting extremely young and in a gang. She does almost every drug you can name (and she seems pretty okay with that) but around two thirds of the way in, she does a complete turn-around on her life despite her terrible circumstances and she goes to rehab, gets sober, and then (and I make it sound incredibly reader’s digest here) she goes to school and becomes a lawyer. She’s practicing law now and doing motivational speaking too! It’s an incredibly inspirational book and I’m both glad I read it and glad it’s in my library. Definitely worth the read and I’m really glad I eventually un-buried it from the box pile again! 🙂

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