Road To Rivendell: Week 10

I started this week off feeling pretty pumped from my previous two where I continued to make personal records. I thought “this week, I’m going to do a mile a day and hit 6 miles!” But day one I felt like a Black Rider was chasing me, and day two was no better. In fact, by the next day I found that I was able to make my step goal, but there were nearly no extra steps- and there was almost no extra energy to do even minor tasks at the end of the day. On the final day of the week last week I nearly let my streak go and decided that I would just not worry about my step goal at all, I was still making progress toward Mordor, I reasoned, but I just would be okay at being just shy of the goal by three hundred paces. I decided to do the final few laps around the bedroom before bedtime. It really is important to me. Maybe this isn’t a banner week for me at “only” 4.26 miles, but I got my step goal every day this week, and if I do it for another two days it will go up a little bit again for next week. If I don’t get too worried about always “running ahead” and I pace myself a little better, I will make it to Mordor. It’s a matter of not getting overly concerned about any one day and not trying to do it all at once.

42.89 Miles total.

354.52 Miles left to reach Rivendell.

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