A Shoulder to Scream On

You know, I love to be humiliated. But Master Pravus and me have been together for so long that the humiliation factor… I mean, it’s tough! I have almost no shame in front of him anymore. It’s good being comfortable in front of each other, but things that just are terrifying to me in front of someone new, things that are just horrific to even imagine (like, oh- I don’t know, just cumming for example) that’s small fry stuff in front of Master Pravus. I can’t get a single blush anymore in front of him from things like that. I mean. Gosh. >.> We’re at the phase of our relationship where he could probably tell me he had a suspicious mole on his asshole and I’d say “Oh. Let me look,” and neither one of us would blush. I mean, I still find the litter box to be humiliating, but it’s starting to be less-so and I relish it when we have something happen naturally out of nowhere that makes me into a crumbling little bowl of humiliated jelly-worm mess for him. I mean. These days, that’s just hard to come by.

It all really started back in August. I haven’t had a good g-spot orgasm since then. Master Pravus fell off of a ladder and hurt his shoulder really badly. So badly he hasn’t been able to do much with his left arm. Our play was (obviously) not important at all because (frankly) his health and his arm are ten times more important than my orgasms or our playtime or anything like that. So I hadn’t had any g-spot time. Not a big deal, but. No fingering. That’s the why, it’s not a complaint.

We were settling in to go to bed, when it happened. Master Pravus kissed my neck. lwuhrfeuirgfbhskd. I couldn’t settle down. I couldn’t settledown. Icouldn’tsettledown.Icouldntsettledown.Masterisitplaytime?!

If you kiss my neck one of us is going to cum.

He put a pillow down at one end of the bed and told me to put my head on it, and he put his arm under my head. He started rubbing my g-spot and it had just.. Been so long. So long! And when I came I didn’t even realize how much noise I was making until I actually startled myself! I was actually screaming. Screaming. In the middle of cumming I started to laugh (mainly at myself), and then I covered my face with my hands. I suddenly felt so embarrassed.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe!”

“Kitty that was so hot!”

“No… I’m so embarrassed. Oh my gawwwddd. I want to dieee.”

“Kitty noo. I’m so PROUD of that one! That was the best thing ever!”

“You’re proud of that? WHAT? What if the neighbors HEARD it?”

“FUCK YES! I made you make that sound! Who cares if they heard? I hope they heard! I wanna tell them what you were doing!”

::Kitty covering her face even more:: “Ohh my gawd..”

>.< It takes a lot to make me embarrassed in front of Master Pravus, in a dark room right before bed so. I mean. I really scared the crap out of myself. >.<

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