I don’t really know of a better post name for this. Honestly, I was just sitting still in the bathtub when I felt something in my right hip just.. Let go. I don’t know how else to describe it. And suddenly it felt like my femur bone was sitting directly against my skin instead of being held up inside my muscles. I don’t know how better to describe it to you than that. That’s the perfect description. That’s exactly how it feels. It feels fucked in there. Completely fucked. I instantly yelped and grabbed my hip. I mean, it doesn’t feel tight, it feels oddly loose and weird and I just don’t. I mean, it doesn’t visibly… Like. Look funny like it would with a dislocation. I mean, I know what to expect with that. And I just? I have no idea? I’m wondering if this is some kind of weird muscle or a tendon issue.

But. I got out of the tub, and the hip just. Like I didn’t sleep well. And then I thought maybe it would get better by the next day or something. But so far no. Whatever is going on in there is progressing to numbness and burning and muscle spasms. And like. >.> Master Pravus thinks it’s probably a pinched nerve, but I have a chunk of metal in me so I can’t have an MRI. So I mean. We’re not going to bother going into the doctor for it unless I can’t handle my work load, which will probably eventually happen if I can’t get any sleep over time. Maybe it just needs time to heal. I really detest going to the doctor for any reason. We’re trying ice packs and gentle massage to see what helps. I haven’t cut down on my step goal any yet, but I did temporarily stop my strength training because obvious. But also: I’m not increasing my steps either. Because obvious. So in a couple weeks when I’m still struggling with my journey to Mordor, this is why.

::Kitty shrugs::

Being fragile is dumb. I mean. It is what it is. Keep pushing on.

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