Puppy Pizza

I love having things in my mouth. I love sucking things. I love being gagged. All that good stuff. A long while back, Master Pravus even bought me a bink to save his nipples. Literally for no other purpose than for the fact that I was sucking on his nipples (or trying to suck on his nipples) too much. I like to suck on things. Seemed a good enough compromise. ::Shrug:: I’m not sure why anyone reading here would be surprised by that.

One of the things about sucking on things is finding things to suck on. There was one person a while back who recommended Autism Chewies. I hadn’t actually heard of them at the time and we looked into them a little. Kinda neat if you’re a chewer like I am. But you know what’s available everywhere and actually fairly easy to turn into a chew toy. Wait. Stick with me for a minute before you just click off… Teething toys. Yes, teething toys for babies.

Now, hang with me a minute. I know what I said. I get it. You’re instantly turned off because I said “for babies.” But I mean. Look at that image of me, holding that chew thingie in my mouth, OK? It was five bucks, and it crinkles like a cat toy down in the part where it’s not silicone. So there’s a few layers. The crust is silicone, like the Autism chewies. Then, there’s a satin top coat for the pizza toppings, then there’s a soft padded under-layer. And inside there’s a delightful crinkly layer. It’s more like a cat toy than a baby toy. I realize this is intended for teething, but it’s more like a cat toy that you can give to a human.

So we have this teething pizza, but I don’t really see it as a teething pizza, I see it as a kitty toy. But I mention “teething” because if you’re looking for similar- you gotta look in the baby section of the store (sorry)! Anyway. When I play with it, ordinarily I feel like a Kitty. But the other night, I asked Master Pravus if I could have my pizza. He asked if I knew where it was, and I said yes and he put it in the corner of my mouth. I’m not sure if you can tell, but the crust edges are curly. They conform so nicely to the edges of your mouth. At least, one of the edges fits just perfectly in my mouth. It’s soo nice. I love the feel of it in there. So he put it in my mouth and tucked me in.

One thing about this pizza is, it’s not new. I’ve had it probably a couple of years, but I really, really love it. It’s one of my favorite little Kitty toys. I love things that crinkle and with the little chew tab.. Unf. So I try to be really, really delicate with it. I held it with only the barest pressure in my mouth all night. I’ll roll over and switch sides a couple of times in the night, and it never fell out of my mouth even one time. That’s despite the fact that it’s not held on by (xxx) any sort of tether or cord or anything at all. It’s strange because if I go to bed with the bink in, it’ll fall out all night long and I’ll have to find the cord, or Master Pravus will follow the cord with his hand and then pop it back in my mouth..

The pizza though? I felt like a little puppy protecting its favorite toy all night. I couldn’t believe I held onto it with the barest pressure even in my sleep and didn’t let it go. Master Pravus said it was the cutest thing. He said every time he woke up he saw me asleep with the pizza dangling out of my mouth, and he thought it was just adorable.

The next night he put it in my mouth to take a few pictures because he wanted me to make a blog post about it. The second I put it in, my jaw was soo sore. I couldn’t handle it at all. I mean I could take pictures with it, but the thought of sleeping with it again so soon- I just knew I couldn’t. But, I wanted to. I wanted that snuggly protective puppy feeling back again. Now I just need to give my jaw a couple days. Definitely good pup feels.

Good night puppy

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