The Choice

We were getting ready to go upstairs for the evening when Master Pravus told a joke. Unfortunately for me, I started to choke in the middle of drinking which does kind of happen sometimes. I never really mastered the art of swallowing. ::Kitty laughs sheepishly:: As I began to choke, I was standing right in front of the rug. I had a matter of seconds to decide where to puke, and unfortunately for the floor I chose to puke there.

“Oh, Kitty. Really?” Master asked me. I could tell he hadn’t actually meant it. He was just surprised that his joke was that hilarious to me. And I mean, also the floor was a literal mess now. Puke, you know.

“I couldn’t help it, but I had a literal cat brain moment trying to decide which was the right place to puke. Rug? Floor? Rug.. Floor?! Rug?? FLOOR…! Floor it is!!”

“For what it’s worth, as the person who takes care of a couple of cats a lot and understands these things, I’m glad you picked the floor, and not the carpet.”

“I didn’t have a lot of time to pick! But I felt exactly like a cat, and literally I love that rug.”


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