“Ah, Chest Pain, My Old Friend.”

“Stop saying that.”

“Why? It’s hilarious?”

“Also, why do you have chest pain?”

“See, now you’re asking the real questions.”


“The tube moved more. I’m about 99.9% sure it’s that because it’s a gj-tube, and the instructions say if your breathing becomes impaired to call your doctor.”

“Ah. Yeah. No other weird symptoms. Nothing numb?”

“Noo. No. Just. I can’t inhale, I’m running out of breath, and I can’t yawn or sneeze. I mean it seriously hurts to yawn or sneeze.”





So we’re waiting. They’re trying to get us in sooner for an exchange. And meanwhile, the tube is still blocked. So. I’m not doing much of anything right now. They can’t get us in until the 10th because they’ve changed the way they do things at my favorite department (That’s sarcasm, I can’t stand IR), and it turns out they’re now only doing feeding tubes two days per week. ::Sad panda that can’t breathe gud face goes here:: I mean. OK, OK, fine. But. Like. I’m not the only one with a feeding tube and that’s so long. Like so long, it was already almost three weeks when we got the news and I’m just typing it up now, when there’s only thirteen days left. (Yes, I’m counting down the days, I wanna breathe again, thanks!)

This morning I woke up and I could breathe a tiny bit better. I still can’t sneeze or yawn, but it hurts less. The tube site is very ouchy though, and it turns out that the tube has displaced a little bit more. It’s just no matter how much tape you use if the thing is out, it’s really hard to keep in. It’s tough.

I’m trying to elevate and ice my ankle constantly, but I’m really not seeing a ton of progress there. It could honestly be months before it improves between my Ehlers-Danlos and my poor nutrition status. Not that I need to be in bed or anything while it heals, just. It might be a problem for a while. If I could just breathe and the tube were running though, I could definitely try to limp around a little more.

13 days to go..

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