The Pterodactyl Lair

They did eventually get me fixed up, and now I’m trying to piece things together at a rate that doesn’t break me, but also keeps me moving forward. I’m trying to remind myself that slow moving is still moving.. All those things.

Cliff notes. I had an awful time getting to sleep the night before. I always have a hard time getting to sleep the night before any kind of surgery, no matter how minor. Too many variables. Too much to think about. Too many bad thoughts about past experiences that I can’t seem to ignore running around in my mind. It’s awful, really. I did eventually settle down.

Master Pravus came in early to wake me up. Like, a full two hours earlier than I knew I had to be up. He has teased me for the longest time that you should never wake me up before I’m ready to get up because not only do I need my sleeps but it’s kind of like waking a pterodactyl. >.> Oh no. Oh no oh no.

“Kitty. Kitty, it’s time to get up.”

“What? Why? What time is it?”

“…..” (There was a hesitation. He knew it was early.) “Kitty, it’s only 8…”


I hadn’t meant to snap at him. Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd. I! Oh noooo. I felt so bad the second the pterodactyl brain had done it. But not enough sleeps will make me the biggest grump-a-lump.

“Kitty. I. I know I told you that you could sleep but they want us to come in early.”

“Of. Course they do. Tell them that we’ll be there as soon as we can be.” ::Heavy sigh:: I opened my incredibly grumpy eyes and apologized. Master Pravus said he didn’t even blame me. I didn’t even swear at him and for goodness sakes he doubted I slept. >.< I’m. I deserved for him to yell at me after I snarled at him. Gosh.

So we left after Master Pravus and me were ready. It was incredibly good traffic for whatever reason and we made amazing time. Amazing. They took us even earlier than they said they would on the phone, and I was surprised to see they took me back so much faster than I thought they would. I mean. A lot of times they say they want me to get there early and then it’s “hurry up and wait!” But no, they even got me back in the big scary no-no room pretty fast. But. >.>

Anesthesia wasn’t good. Neither Master Pravus nor I were pleased with this entire thing. I mean. I was pretty uncomfortable for the entire thing. And that was after they went through the trouble of insisting that if they gave me an extra IV they could keep me even more comfortable than last time, and last time I was fine comfort-wise. I mean. There was a complication but not with the meds. >.> So. I left there fairly unhappy honestly. But, I also left there able to breathe and sneeze and cough and all that. And as my Dragon points out – that’s really the main thing and they aren’t wrong. ::Sigh:: But I guess. It does make me a little grumpy that in an entire hospital they can’t do a better job and experiences like this slip through the cracks. Because they really shouldn’t and. Ugh.

It took me two solid days to recover from the anesthesia this time, and that’s.. That’s really weird for me. I ordinarily do a little better than that and am fine the next day. But I guess it’s better to have two days than the seven days of being locked on the couch like last time they changed my tube out.

I mean. This was overall not my best dislodge fix experience, nor was it my worst (ugh, and I hate that it wasn’t my worst, because it was fairly uncomfy).. But. I lived. I’m here. I. I hope I make it to the next tube exchange routinely. Hope!

I’ve re-made all the appointments I was trying to make before this tube got infected and dislodged. And now I’m trying to get things fixed up. Hopefully get things back on track now. I’m really to get things back on track. This GJ tube has been absolute garbage.

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