“I Don’t Really Do Feet…”

Now of course, you know it wasn’t me making that comment because I really DO feet. I do feet all day long. I do feel so often that Master Pravus sometimes wonders if I do anything aside from feet. “You. You want some dick, maybe?”

“Oh. Oh yeah. I like dick. Did you want a little. A little foot rub before? Or after? Just asking. Making sure you’re comfy. Love you!”


But no. I did finally get in to be seen about my ankle. Actually, I saw my GP who decided to send me to a specialist. But the specialist wasn’t a foot specialist. He was a general joints specialist. He kind of seemed afraid of feet. He decided to do a scan, but. I mean. I can’t have an MRI because I have an implanted metal device the size of a deck of cards. Sigh. So we had to do a CT scan. Which, I mean. The scan legitimately said it “Couldn’t visualize the tendons” (Nice. Nice. Definitely worth getting all frightened and cramming myself onto a medical table I had to drive two hours each way for.) but, that they could see the bones clearer, and there definitely wasn’t a break, even a small one. Which. I mean, good. Good. I wasn’t really worried about a fracture but. Good I guess?

But he didn’t actually touch my ankle, or foot and when we pressed him to try to look at the ankle, touch it and show him the spot that hurts when you touch it (I mean, it’s pretty localized and I’ll jump when you touch it). He literally said “I don’t really do feet…” and said I should see a podiatrist or someone who works more closely with feet.

Hmm. Yeah. That’s. COOL. ::Weary sigh::

So I left there, and waited another week or so for a referral to come in. And the referral came in for someone in the same frickin’ specialty as the guy I just saw. Not a foot guy. So I’m. uidfjdfsjknd. I don’t even. I don’t have the frickin’ energy. I can’t. I don’t. I mean, how much do I care? Do I care? I don’t even frickin’ care!

I mean. Master Pravus cares. He cares a lot. But this seems so small potatoes. It’s a grade 2 sprain. (If it was level 1 it would be healed long before the month 3 mark), it’s not really healing, but even if they can point to the exact tendon, I don’t. I mean. I don’t really imagine what we’d do differently. Like. They had me in a walking boot for a couple of weeks and I’m supposed to wean myself off of it as pain allows, but. I’m back in the ankle stabilizer and the pain is just ramping up the more I do. The pain itself, I mean, it’s not keeping me awake at night. But I definitely feel it and I have a physical limit at the end of the day. There’s only so far I can go and so much I can do right now, and I have to wear the ankle stabilizer. I haven’t been able to figure out a way around without wearing it.

So I talked to Master Pravus. They (my GP) kind of want me to go to physical therapy for my ankle if I don’t wanna see the other specialist. ::Another weary sigh:: I’ve only had bad experiences at physio because they don’t understand my Ehlers-Danlos and I’ve been pushed passed the point of non-union and other injuries before. :/ So I’m just going to try to rehab it at home and see if it gets better. I mean. I don’t really want to keep chasing it. Master Pravus says if it doesn’t keep getting worse, I don’t have to chase it. I have bigger fish to fry. And we’ve been trying to figure it out. I just. I mean. It’s getting better. It’s just doing it wicked slowly. >.<

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