“What If I Put My Hand There..”

I was taking my tubbie, but this time was a little different than normal. I hadn’t had my port accessed in a couple of days so the skin had a chance to grow a scab over the top. Usually, I have to be really careful not to get it wet.

“You know, you could lay all the way back,” Master Pravus told me. “Like in the Before Times, soak a little?”

But the tube is held in place by an internal balloon. You don’t usually feel the balloon or anything, but if you lean back in the tub, you can feel it trying to kind of.. float inside of you. It doesn’t hurt right now.. But my GJ tube is already dislodged (but not in a severe fashion). I need to get it fixed and I didn’t want to make it worse while we’re waiting to see what to do about it. I hadn’t been thinking about that, and I tried to lay back.

“Oh I can feel it moving around in there..”

“What if I just put my hand on it..”

“You want me to be able to lay back that badly?”

“You never get to. I do want.”

I didn’t feel comfortable enough laying all the way backwards. I did try, but the tube isn’t fully in, as I mentioned so it has me feeling a little wibbly-wobbly. Even with Master Pravus’ hand on top I just couldn’t fully relax. But I did lean back a little which was nice. And feeling his hand on my tummy, and laying my hand on top of his… A rare thing for me, for us. And I loved being able to do this even for just a short while together.

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