Late Night Worm Attack

*Feeding tube has been… Choleric. It’s been beeping every night or so just waking me up out of a nice relaxing sleep. It’s still running right now, but every time it wakes me up, I have trouble getting back to sleep of course. I’ve had problems with insomnia for as far back as I can remember, and it’s best not to wake me up once you get me off to sleep. Otherwise, who knows what could happen.

When the tube alarms, I have to get all the way untucked and all the way undressed for Master Pravus to help me figure out what’s wrong with the thing. I mean, could I figure it out on my own? Yeah, yeah, sure sure. If it wasn’t dislodged I guess but I don’t have a tube that doesn’t suck anywaywhat’sittoya? So after getting all the way undressed and all the way uncovered, I started getting myself all the way dressed and all the way re-covered.

In the middle of my 4AM “grievances” (I wasn’t complaining about it, I was just doing it tiredly) Master Pravus said to me:

“Kitty want help?”

“What?” I asked sleepily. It was 4AM. He had to be tired too. What could he be helping me with. Why?

“Kitty want tucktuck?” he asked it quietly, already in the middle of doing it. Pulling up my panties, pulling down my shirt, holding the tube out of the way so I don’t trip on it in my clumsiness at four in the frickin’ morning, and pulling up the sheets.

“Tuck,” I said sleepily to him.

“Tuck tuck,” he said a little slower, “and you need this guy, and this guy.”

He handed me my little red Dragon and Reddiboi.

“Mmhm,” I said, closing my eyes.

“And you need this…”


At first I wanted to say something, like “What? Wait a minute? Be careful with your ankles…” But. The glo-worm. We rarely break it out. It’s for emergencies when Master Pravus doesn’t believe I will be able to sleep that night. There’s something about its soothing little light and familiar few songs that puts me to sleep quickly. I don’t remember the rest of the night. The next thing I knew, it was morning. My e-mew-gency alarm was going off and I was getting up to start my day.

The power of the worm is strong!

*Picture is a dramatization. The actual worm-bomb in question happened around 4AM, and of course we didn’t stop to take a picture. Master Pravus thought it would make a nice blog post though, so here we are.

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