Dress Up Kitty

Flashback to when I was first in a training collar. I had come out of a tubbie, and Master Pravus had laid out an outfit on the bed for me to wear. I don’t recall the entire outfit he had chosen for me anymore. It was a long time ago, but I remember parts of it. It had included my leather kitty collar, which at the time I only took off to bathe. And honestly there’d be no reason for him not to choose that as part of my outfit. And I remember the socks. Obviously he had chosen a pair of long, black and red striped socks because we both have a sock fetish and those are our favorite colors. So naturally. And who doesn’t like stripes? Nobody that’s who.

Master Pravus had one of those beds that you had to climb up to get into. I saw the outfit there, and I had assumed me wanted me in it. I also didn’t see him anywhere around. So, naturally, I got up into the bed and started scrunching up one of the socks. (I always start with the socks.. 🙂 Before I got it on the entire way, he showed up in the doorframe giggling a little bit, and smiling.

“Come down from there,” he told me, not unkindly.

I did.

“You’re not supposed to be in my bed without permission.”

“It’s just so hard putting on thigh high socks without anywhere to sit down.”

He started getting all soft. He sometimes gets very, very soft for me and I can never quite tell if it’s because he’s about to do something incredibly sadistic or something incredibly sweet. He finished unscrunching the sock that had been in my hands, and he put it back up on the bed.

“Do you know why these are here?”

A dumb question. I knew it was a dumb question, because I had attempted to put the outfit on myself and I had failed. Why? What. What was he asking me then? What? I shook my head.

“Any time you see an outfit laid out here on the bed, it’s there for me to put you into it. You’re my doll now.”


Nobody had ever dressed me in anything before. I wasn’t sure what to think about that. Awkward mainly. What do what do? I should be putting his clothes on him. Like when I put his shoes on. I don’t remember a lot of that first time, but I do remember snippets. Mainly I remember the socks, and I remember melting in on myself as he scrunched up my socks again to put them on me, pulling them up my feet and past my ankles. “I feel so silly” I thought. I could do this myself. It was sort of humiliating, someone else dressing me like that.

“I like dressing you,” he told me. “You’re a thing. You’re a little doll. I need your other leg.”

I remember looking down at my other leg. It was bare, and my black and red striped sock was so festive looking now. I gave him my foot, but I blushed still. I know he put me in a bra, a dress. There were panties. I don’t remember what exactly. The main thing I recall were the socks, because I got caught trying to put them on, I think. Also probably because they were the first thing to go on. Also also probably on account of our shared fetish.

After he finished dressing me, he seemed pretty satisfied with himself. He spun me around, told me how pretty I looked. I still felt a little bit dumb. I mean. “I could have done that” I thought. “The slave should make their Master’s life easier” I remembered thinking. “He looked so pleased with himself, like someone had just given him a car on his birthday. Like he got to do something he’d always wanted to do.

“Do you like it when Master dresses you up like this?” he had asked me.

I had to consider it, as I had to consider many new experiences I had with him, or with other people I had at parties or in the dungeon. I didn’t not enjoy it. I melted when he put my socks on for me. There was something about him dressing me that was incredibly sweet, but also confusing to me. But as he did it, as he got more excited touching me and as he got more and more aroused watching me put on the clothes he chose for me. The look in his eyes.. That look. I loved that look very much. I felt very, very shy about it all though.

I blushed and kind of bobbled my head up at him, staring at his chest mainly. Not really feeling brave enough to look in his eyes. I don’t even recall what else we did that night, but I remember him telling me this:

“Whenever you want Master to dress you up again, you have my permission to lay out any set of clothes you want on the bed, and I will dress you. I love dressing you so much.”

I didn’t take too much advantage of that. It seemed.. Wrong, no matter how much I liked it. I mean, there have been times when I have done it.. But mostly I have waited for Master Pravus to set out a set of clothes that he wants to see me in. Even with his permission, it feels a bit.. Demanding to do it too often.

In recent years, Master Pravus helps me get dressed. I can still do a lot of it myself, but I now need him there to help me work around my port or my feeding tube. I have flexibility and the ability to do zippers and buttons, but the real problem is, I need an extra set of hands to either hold a tube out of the way for me so I can fasten a button or pull a hook, or vice versa. So lately, it feels as though I’m always sort of needing help. If only I didn’t have tubes.. But I guess if wishes were fishes, and I do have tubes.

Because of the fact that Master Pravus has been helping me get dressed up anyway, I really haven’t bothered putting clothes out in a while for him to dress me in. I mean, laying them out on the bed all special. And it’s fairly rare for him too. There will be times where he will go into the closet if we’re going somewhere and he’ll emerge with an outfit (“You’re wearing this one today!”) but when he’s in the mood to treat me like his dolly he lays things out in a very particular fashion, and he lays them flat. It’s not quite the same as just picking my outfits (Which he does quite a lot, and we both enjoy). I feel extra guilty about needing so much help and I don’t really want to add more work to the pile by adding on “dress me” to a scene or to the day, so I haven’t done it.

But recently, like. In the past few weeks. I have noticed that he’s choosing my pajamas and hanging them up on my dresser before my tubbie. It’s kind of sweet and reminiscent in a new way. There’s a meme going around I see it all the time. “It’s going to be different, but it’s going to be OK.” It’s different, but it is OK. And that isn’t to say that we will never, have not done any of Master Pravus’ dollification kink. Just that, with me always needing help getting dressed, it’s rarer now, and I never feel compelled to ask. But Master Pravus is always telling me there’s always a way. And there is, and I love him so much.

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