Elder Goth Official

Every young goth must at some time face the pivotal moment where they come to reach the fullness of their goth state. Their goth “card” removed, it is returned only with the official stamp of “Elder” above their name and date of birth. Many of us don’t feel it closing in upon us, or if we do, we don’t notice it until it’s already been stamped. This is my such story.

I was finishing reading a little vampire novel. Nothing too special. I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t over-the-moon about it. It was just fine, thank you. The day before I was due to finish it I found myself in our vast library. (Which, yes, I still need to organize. ::Heavy sigh::)

To back up slightly, I have been having trouble with my eye. It’s nearly always my right eye, but we have no idea what’s wrong with it. It could be a couple of things, and I had found a pretty good eye doctor who was helping me figure that out. Of course, then we.. Uh. We moved. I now need to find a new one because the eye thing is getting bad again. ::Sarcastic huzzah::

I mention the eye thing only because, as I knelt there on the library floor opening and shutting random books Master Pravus came up behind me.

“What.. Do you do when you find your Kitty kneeling before you on the Library floor?” I asked him, teasing giggles in my voice.

“Encourage her reading,” came his steady, (yet not cruel reply. I could detect the tease back in his voice), and he then asked me what I was doing down there. (I was opening and shutting books at fairly rapid pace..)

“I. Well, I’m almost done with my vampire book, and I’m looking for my next book. I don’t know what to pick. It could be anything really. I just. I don’t want it to be with very tiny print because of my eye. Ordinarily I don’t care, but I’m not sure if it’s maybe making my eye a little worse, while it’s already.. You know inflamed.”

“That makes sense.” He “Hmm-ed” at me thoughtfully.

“You’ve read more of these than me,” I said. “Do you have any suggestions?” (Most of the books in the library are his, my own books are very special to me but I highly doubt they would take up one bookshelf, and that includes the small one. I re-read books a lot.)

“I have a fabulous idea!” he said, whipping out his phone.

“Oh good! What should I read?” I asked, still opening and shutting books, trying to decide on something. We have books of various print sizes, they’re not all teeny-tiny. I knew there’d be something.


“What’s its name? Do I need to get it from upstairs?”


Surprise me? But we have so many books?”

“You’re so annoying sometimes.”


(He’s not wrong. I’m very annoying. I. I know it!)

So I had to wait, and not be annoying. And I’m not great about getting surprises. I mean. Is it really a surprise if I know about it though??

So then, exactly the very next day guess what showed up?

“I haven’t read this.”

“I know, but you’re going to like it. I knew you needed it after Frankenstein, but. Look..”

And as he said “Look” I saw it there. “Large Print” edition. Oh. Of. Of course.

Is this how all goths realize they’re “Elder Goth?” Well. I suppose I just need a glasses chain with bat motif on the side and I’ll be all set, yes? Ha ha ha.

He’s not wrong, though. So far: I do like Dracula! Maybe it’s an Elder Goth thing.

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