Well, I had decided that I wanted to restart my Day Zero Project List, because the first time I started it I started getting really sick and I couldn’t finish it. But. The second time I started it, it was a promise to myself to finish it, and then I needed surgery which. I mean, it was life-saving surgery. And I didn’t realize how life-saving it was at the time, because honestly I didn’t know I had twisted intestines going into it, but I did know that I was losing a lot of weight prior to the surgery and that things were pretty.. “Awful.”


I need more surgery, about a year in, and I know I will require more surgery, because the surgeon I saw mentioned that part of the problem is that with my Ehlers-Danlos people are doing too much at once, and while that seems preferable it’s working out (obviously) poorly and not in my favor. So. That all being said. I’m obviously not going to hit my Day Zero Project Deadline for my goals because. The type of surgery I’m about to have will have me recovering in bed for anywhere from 6-8 weeks before I can start to slowly incorporate my daily routine. It’s not going to be fast. And I’m going to need more surgery, but I’m hoping nothing nearly this extensive. And obviously I’ll cross that bridge later. But. I’m not giving up on my silly list. I’m going to continue slowly working towards the things on it each day, but I’m removing the deadline.

Rather, I suppose the deadline will still be visible, but I’m going to leave a little slot there to write in the date I manage to accomplish things so I can see how far past the original deadline it actually takes me. You can’t foresee what will happen when you set a goal up, sometimes. But we can still accomplish them. Maybe with just a little extension.

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