All Praise The Binkie

Holding Twee, and wearing my bink after Master Pravus had just praised me for asking for it.

I was working on my end of the year blog, which is due out in a couple of weeks. It’s a long post in which I highlight what happened that year and link to the blog posts of each month highlighting what’s going on, etc. Here’s last year for an example.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s not something I don’t enjoy doing. Unfortunately, I was biting my nails as I did it. As most people in my life will tell you, I can be a bit.. “Stressed.” I had successfully quit biting my nails for well over a year, but a traumatic event brought it back, and I haven’t managed to quit again. It’s tough. As I was blogging though, I asked Master Pravus for help.

“Master,” I squeaked.

“What is it, Kitty?”

“I. I uh.” ::Fidget:: “I can’t stop biting my nails, and I’m trying to blog. Could I have my bink?” I asked him, embarrassed as fuck.

“You want your binkie?” he asked me. He said this very fast. Like he was extremely excited about something. “Good Kitty.” It was in his hands so fast I didn’t even see him get it. We usually keep it near the place I sleep. But I could swear I didn’t see him cross the room. “Good Kitty asking for your binkie.”

I wasn’t sure why he was praising me so much over this. I just thought if I had it in my mouth I couldn’t bite my nails. I was starting to feel a little humiliated, but also I couldn’t stop smiling.

“I’m proud of you for asking for your binkie,” he said. He had a grin ear-to-ear. So proud. Like I had won first prize in a plushie tournament or something. It was just a bink. But, he was so excited about it that I took a picture of it. My face couldn’t help mirroring his. His happiness is mine too. I love him so much.

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