Day Zero Project II #37

I had a goal listed on my Day Zero Project Goals (#37) to leave an inspirational note in a book for someone to find. And I have done that recently. Master Pravus will often bring me to a Little Library after I have a doctor appointment as a reward for going. (It’s a bribe. I’m so scared of going to the doctor I need a bribe. And that bribe is generally a trip to the Little Library unless it’s too late in the day or something. Plus, it lets me trade in my books.)

I had fun writing out the little inspirational note. But the nature of the Little Libraries is that they are random and you never know what’s in there. I don’t always wind up with an adult book. Sometimes I do, but this time I wound up with two kid’s books. And because of that I decided to make my inspirational note smaller in tone, in case a child stumbles across it. I think this was a fun thing to do and I’ll probably do it more. I wrote the thing on a post-it so it won’t just slide out of the book. I could write the note and put it back into the book bag and they’ll wind up in random boxes wherever we are. So that could be fun. Randomly brightening up a stranger’s day. Anonymously. Hehehe. 🙂

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