“That was the worst blog post title ever, DAD!”

“Thanks. But I’m not your DAD!”

“That was definitely a DAD PUN!”

Okay, I deserve that, dear Reader. I deserve that. Now, why did you come here? Oh, yeah. The story. You’re here to find out about skittish kitten #8458693 aren’t you? Well. I’m still here, still queer. Still.. You know. Trying to heal my port at a terribly slow rate? Maybe it’s working finally, but it’s taking so long that Master Pravus has had to cancel my PICC line removal not once, not twice, but a third time.

I honestly feel so frustrated with the whole scenario, because I have felt terrible throughout it. I feel really, really lightheaded. I mean I have a small amount of that in my day to day, but ever since the surgery, I feel lightheaded continually. I don’t think this will last forever. I hope it doesn’t. But I didn’t have it with the first two ports and I’m not a big fan of it.

We have tried to get someone on the phone to solve the bleeding issue. Because even small amounts of active “Oh, look. A little blood is still coming through, fresh” isn’t right but you only get people who literally don’t know your case at all when you call IR. It’s a complete Mad House. So Master Pravus just retapes gauze over the whole thing temporarily for small amounts of time until it stops. And in the meantime, we’re hoping we’re through with that phase and onto the next thing?

And the port doesn’t need to be perfectly well healed in place for us to have the PICC line out, but it certainly needs to be done bleeding (It should have been within a day or two. Jeesus fuck.) and then it should be left alone so we know it’s not going to bleed for a couple days. So now I have a date around the middle of the month. And I can’t imagine a single reason why that wouldn’t work. I just can’t imagine. So fingers crossed. And in the meantime, I’m hoping things keep going in a steady (if slow?) upwards direction, and doing my best to get my supplements in and all that. Planning out my next steps and taking things carefully over here.

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