Polycule: Meet Snoinklecule

I have been somewhat down lately, it’s true. Soooo true. I’m in this sort of “stuck” place where I need to wait on information, but also I only have my ill-favoured arm to use. (My PICC line arm is technically functional, but it can’t hold a mug of tea.) That’s been difficult. What happened here is, I wound up having a feeding tube dislodge bad enough I had to go and have day surgery to squoosh it back in. (Ugh) But also, ten days later, I had to go in to have my new port placed. They couldn’t figure out a good way to do them both together so that was that.

It was in this timeframe that doneknitting (from Tumblr), sent me a message telling me (I’m summing it up) that going to the hospital twice in two weeks for surgeries was the final straw and she was going to make me a little Dragon support buddy. I was so surprised at that point, but then even more surprised when a couple of weeks later she sent me a picture of that little buddy you see in the top of the screen. See him? Dis? I almost squealed when I saw! So she said he would come with a couple of frens. OK. Frens! I LIKE FRENS! But, who is coming? Who? Coming?

I started crying when I started unpacking them. Lookit! She had made a similar fren for our Dragon a couple of weeks ago and. She had let me pick the color yarn that was best for it. It’s me! I’m an orange tiger kitty and I almost died opening it. It was so special.

In the box, there were so many frens. I saw a big huge plumper of a package and when I opened it:

A heart-nosed piggy! A heart. Nosed. PIGGY?! I adore him. He’s fitting in just wonderfully so far with the whole Snugglecule, including the subdivision: the Snoinklecule. And I just. I love him so so much! I literally. TEARS. Crying. Happy tears. Will you look? Look at him.

Here I am all snuggled up at the end of the night. You can see the new piggy, my Dragon, Reddiboi, Mootavious. (I had just done my tubbie and we forgot to untape my PICC. Whoops. I was besleeved shortly after this though.)

I cried on and off about this. The fact that not only had doneknitting made me a dragon, but also a bigger Dragon, a kitty just like me, a puppy, and a piggy. Sorry to sound like Spongebob for a minute here, but.. Love in EVERY stitch?! I am so lucky. I love everything so so so so so so so much. Thank mew, doneknitting! I don’t know how you figured out I love pigs. (OK. I guess I’m not quiet about it.) But. Ahh. Everything is so perfect.

I had them do a little line up for you all before we go. He he he. Thanks for coming by! Mew mew mew.

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