Easter Bun Bun

It’s Easter Time in the Pravus household. And this means that Master Pravus’ Atheist kitty awakes to:

an “eas-er” Basket! Ha ha ha. And what’d I get? Hmm? What I get? I got a new Sticker By Number book which I was actually pretty excited about, because I had been given one in a YouTube box before. But, that one was down to only one picture. And because I’m a weirdo, I won’t use up the last one of anything until I have more. I know, I know. What in the heck, right? Right. So this was a wicked cool surprise. Yay! And it’s cats. It’s wicked beautiful. I love it.

And the other thing I got was a Hello Kitty Grab ‘N Go Easter Coloring Book! And there’s a tradition in this house that dates back as far as I can recall that I color in a picture every major holiday. I don’t always have a picture that matches the holiday in question, but I color a picture regardless. Anyway. So this year, my little red Dragon helped me color in a picture out of the new coloring book:

The crayons are almost as big as he is! Ha ha. Here’s how the picture turned out:

Happy Easter, if that’s what you celebrate! I hope you had a nice holiday with lots of chocolate eggs and snuggles.



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