Never Bored

I’m doing a little better than I was before. I’ve taken my activity level down quite a bit, and I have noticed the swelling in my tummy is starting to go down. That’s wonderful. But, it’s not really diminishing enough. I mean, healing takes time, and I can wait as long as I need to. If I have to wait, I have to wait. What it’s not going down enough for is for me to return to my usual schedule. I can’t push. If I push I will get set back, and I don’t want to get set back. So, I gotta be careful. That’s fine. I’m avoiding anything right now that involves bending, or stairs and if I feel like I’m starting to get too tired, I just sit down. But I’m not sitting constantly. I get up quite a bit and move around. It’s just that I move around mainly on the downstairs floor and I’m not going upstairs a lot. Yet. Not right at this point. I can wait. I have to.

In the meantime I’m just deciding what to do with my time, and how to be careful with myself without doing too much or too little. I can do things, but I can’t really do photo shoots or videos yet. But I can do things. Some things. I’m never bored. Sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t go back to work yet, or I get annoyed that I can’t do something beside what I’m doing. But I’m never bored. My mind is too rambunctious to be bored.

Griswold and me went outside the other day and we planted another plant in our little pot. This one isn’t doomed to die. I’m sure of it. ::Tries to not look like I doomed another plant:: After all, this one was planted under the care of my eViL alchemist. So, how bad could it be? Right? RIGHT? Right.

I’m getting into things. >:) Just small things around the house. Little things. Like the seeds. Heh. I don’t feel ready to get back to organizing the Library again. I was considering it, but I decided against it because that’ll involve a lot of bending and lifting books. And books are heavy things. It’s frustrating though because the Library was looking so good and the center table doesn’t have that many more books on it. I’ll get there though. I will.

I’ve come up with plans to get back to filming, even if I don’t know when that will happen. Plans for what will be filmed have been made, both for my YouTube channel and for my clips. But as to when I am up for filming either one of them: I have no idea. In the meantime I have been running around and trying to file paperwork, chasing phone calls that I don’t want to make, and shouldn’t have to make. And some that are less tedious to make but still not fun to make. And otherwise fighting the good fight.

Am I doing better than last week? Yes. Yes I would say so. I think not having the car last week put me in an even worse mood than I otherwise would have been. I mean, things are hard and stuff is difficult, but when you’re grounded and can’t get around to try to solve the fucking problems then it feels even more helpless and even more hopeless than it really is. It’s just. Awful. The car is not completely better yet. It’s drivable, but there may or may not be something else wrong with it. We’re not 100% sure. At the moment though, it seems alright, and we have it scheduled to have more tests run on it.

Things are back on the road to getting better. Doing my best.

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