Master has always been well known amongst his friends for his amazing absinthe brewing powers.  When we moved out here, of course we did not leave his absinthe behind.  It takes a month to prepare though, and with the rate our new friends are going through it, we figured it was time to make more.  We went on down to a local occult shop to buy the herbs he needed.  (And um..  Some catnip for me.  How did that get in there..?  😉  Here is the absinthe making process in pictures.

Here is a slightly fuzzy picture of the ingredients we needed. The oranges don’t actually get added in for about two weeks, but we added some to the picture anyway.
A picture of one of the anise seed pods. They were just too pretty to not take a picture of. <3
A view of the inside of the decanter, with all the dry herbs mixed in.
A view of the decanter with the herbs and alcohol in it.
A final view of the decanter.

I don’t know the technical terms for brewing, or the amounts or names of all the herbs, but if you are interested, please contact Master.  He can be reached on his Twitter here.

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  1. Even though I don’t drink, I’ve always been curious to try that from seeing it in movies and tv. I’ll have to have a glass with ya’ll sometime 😉

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