Thank You, Daddy!

We do our grocery shopping in three places: Whole Foods (to get things we can’t get other places), Safeway, and Sprouts.  Yesterday, we were picking up a couple of things in Whole Foods, and as usual, Master Pravus was letting me sample all the tasty things they leave on the sample tables.

We had just gotten to the pasta aisle (they sell one pasta type there I can’t get other places), and when we finished, we exited the aisle.  At the end of the aisle was a woman who was sampling her pasta sauce.

“Hey!  I’ve got some sauce for all that pasta you just bought!”

We giggled.  I asked Master Pravus if I could sample it.  He said loudly that I could, but told the nice woman behind the table that he was Italian, and if his mother caught him buying ready made pasta sauce, that she’d never let him hear the end of it.

The sauce was SO good.  It had artichokes in it, and onions, and chunks of tomatoes!  All things which Master Pravus does not like.  I complimented the sauce a couple of times, and as we were turning to walk away, he asked me if I wanted to get a bottle so I could eat it when he wasn’t around (like lunch time, or when he works late).

I didn’t want to beg without his leave to do so.  I don’t like begging in general unless I’m told to, because I think it comes across as whiny, and I don’t want to seem whiny at all.  I stammered a bit, because he put me on the spot and I didn’t know what to say.  After thirty seconds or so, he looked at me and said:

“Go ahead Kitty, you can get a bottle!”

I bounced and proclaimed  “Yay!”  And went over to the table, asking the nice lady for a bottle of her “mild” sauce, please and thank you.

The woman said:  “Oh!  Thank you so much for buying my sauce!  And thank your Dad for being open minded enough to let you get it!”

Master Pravus turned around so quickly I couldn’t believe it.


To be fair to the sweet old lady selling her sauce, this is not the first time that someone has mistaken me for Master Pravus’s daughter.  Poor Master.  In fact, sometimes I am denied alcoholic drinks out at restaurants, even when I have my ID.  I felt myself blush scarlet, and I corrected her, telling her that he was in fact my husband.

It was the woman’s turn to turn scarlet.  She apologized to him, and then did what everyone who makes that mistake always does.  She tried to cheer me up about looking so young.

“Don’t worry, when you’re older that’ll come in handy.”

Future reference to anyone who is thinking of trying to cheer me up about the fact that I look young:  I need no cheering.  I enjoy looking younger than my age.  Here is hoping that once I get to be 90, I don’t look a day over 85.

Poor Master Pravus.  While he has admitted he may be into age play, he still doesn’t want to be called Daddy.  Not by me, and certainly not the sales clerk.  While we were walking out of the store, Master Pravus brought up that there was probably a big reason why she assumed that I was Master’s daughter, and not his wife.  Most “traditional” relationships nowadays don’t have the woman deferring to the man in all decisions like we do.  So most women probably would have taken the sauce and just put it in her cart without asking her husband.  We both think that there’s a good chance that the power exchange dynamic was misinterpreted when Master Pravus asked me if I’d like a bottle of the sauce.

There is also the fact that I do not wear a wedding ring, not a traditional one, anyway.  My locked on collar serves that purpose for us both nicely, although truthfully you’d need to be in the lifestyle to know what it meant, and even then most who wear a collar also wear a wedding ring.  To us though, the collar was more symbolic of our relationship and we didn’t want a traditional ring.  (For the record though, I did get Master Pravus a traditional ring).

Then, there is the fact that my kitty ears make me look far younger than I am as well.  As sad as it is to admit, most twenty five year old women aren’t as comfortable wearing kitty ears as I am.  Still, I know there are plenty of you out there who are (winks), it’s just that you’re all scattered throughout the world, and not all in my town.

And then, there’s the fact that I do look pretty young.  Love you always, Master Pravus! <3

10 thoughts on “Thank You, Daddy!

  1. I always get second looks and weird glances if I have to show my ID for something. But my ID picture is 16 year old me and just a horrible picture. I know if I talk on Vent for WoW some people think I’m 16.

  2. aww your 25 to? I just turned 25 last week (just before easter). Master and I are 10 years apart but Master also looks young, apparently I look 18 and Master apparently looks 25 lol weird huh? I have a wedding ring but he doesn’t (he doesn’t want to wear one out of comfort with rsi in his wrist). We used to get asked alot about the age difference but once people realised we have more things in common that they thought, how well I comprimise with him (he shouldn’t have to comprimise he is the Master ^^) and how well we get along they usually drop the subject. I only have to ask permision for things I ‘shouldn’t eat’ like lollies or potato chips (thats a big no no for me). It’s only this way because he lets me in charge of the cooking and writing out the weekly menu. I used to get offended when people bought up our age difference but now I just shrugg it off and point out the fact that I don’t like younger men (which I don’t dating wise) ^^ I wouldn’t worry about it Kitty, you two make such a cute sexy couple! mew!

    1. Thanks @MomoNoHanna, and would you believe that prior to dating Master I’d always dated within a year or two of my age? 🙂 Master happened by accident (or, was it fate?) 🙂 Mew mew mew! 😀

  3. *laughs* We get this too. 🙂 The 14 year age difference is a huge part of it but I also tend to look young for my age unless I’m having a dreadful day. A friend says I still look the way I did in high school but I think she’s being overly kind.

    The comments about our age difference and the nature of our relationship have mostly stopped. I’m not sure if it is that we’ve lived in the same place 7 years, I’m now in my mid-thirties, I’m dressing a bit differently, or people in New England just tend to keep their mouths shut unless you’re in Boston.

    While my Master is the daddy-Dom type we don’t formally do age play. I do slide a bit age wise but when I do nothing sexual will happen. We’re both okay with other people doing sexual age play, it’s just not right for us.

  4. That’s funny LOL When I was younger (under 16) I always had the opposite problem. I’d go places with my stepfather, and ‘cuz I always looked older people thought I was his wife (despite NO ring.) Go figure 😉

  5. That’s adorable. People often have a problem with my partner and me. But for the opposite reason, I am older than him, only by like five years, but people always say things like “does it not bother you that he is so young” Umm no, if it bothered me I wouldn’t be with him.

    I think if my partner and I marry we will wear wedding rings but that’s purely because I have found a set that I love and that is Celtic in design.

    We are saving to get me a new collar too though. Oh and as soon as I have money I will be buying kitty ears off you and will wear them out and about 🙂

  6. @redvinylkitty I used to date within 1 to 2 years of my age to but then I discovered the joys of dating older men 🙂 I didn’t date (I often said no before the dating started) alot before Master so I think he was the second older man I dated. I am very introverted so there were alot of turn downs till I found the perfect Master 🙂

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