Random Acts Of Piss Play

An unfortunate truth about our play, and my blogging is that if the camera isn’t nearby: we won’t take pictures. And, if there are no pictures, there is only a 1% chance I’ll write about that play session (unless, of course, it’s something new that we’ve never done before, or unless we went to a place where cameras aren’t allowed. I can’t explain it, but the most exciting things typically happen when cameras are not allowed).

Kink is so ingrained in our lives that it is often difficult for me to separate the play sessions from what we just do as part of our lives. For example, Master will often tether me when I’m on the floor in front of him, or he puts me in the big chair if I’m sick or injured. I don’t see those things as “play”, though most people would, I suppose.

The other night I was taking my tubbie and Master had to piss. Of course, he could have easily have gone into the other bathroom to piss, but why would he do that when he has a perfectly good piss guzzler in the other room?

Thirsty For Piss

Alright, so truthfully – I don’t think he intended to do any piss play at that moment. It was likely just that the bathroom I was in, happened to be the closest bathroom to where Master was. Of course, he whips his cock out and starts pissing. And also, of course – I leaned my face over the side of the bath tub because I like watching Master pee, just as I love tasting, smelling, and feeling it rushing warm all over my body.

Master let out a small chuckle. Looked over at me, and said:

“He he, you want summa dis, kitty?”

I purred and smiled, moving slightly further back in the tub so that Master wouldn’t get his piss all over the floor as he aimed.

Thank You For The Priviledge Of Your Golden Nectar, Master

And, of course, I put my tongue out to catch some of his nectar on my tongue. I love the taste of Master’s piss. Since we don’t have bath tubs big enough for the both of us to comfortably fit in them anymore, we haven’t done as much piss play since we moved, and this was a treat to me.

Piss Guzzling

And that was it. In a blink, Master was gone back to the other room, and I was alone in the tub washing and scrubbing up. It’s the little things that I love so much about being with Master. Of course, big intense scenes and long play sessions are fun and awesome. But, it’s his attention to detail, the fun little moments we have, and how we always manage to “sneak” in some play when I don’t expect it, and where others might not think to put it that I am most fond of.


9 thoughts on “Random Acts Of Piss Play

      1. @Noba To be honest, I don’t remember how we got started with piss play. I feel like we’ve been doing it as far back as I can remember, but truth be told, I know we didn’t do it when we first met. :/ I wish I remembered, but it’s been so long that I don’t. 🙁

    1. @Noba To get back to you, I did ask Master and he says he doesn’t remember either. It probably is something we decided to try because I love humiliation, and it just grew from there. I don’t remember details though. 🙂

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