Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday, Master

Happy Birthday, Master! =^^=

For your birthday this year, I want you to know how special you are to me, and just how much I love you.  Below you’ll find a list in no particular order of things about you which I love, admire, or appreciate.  I hope you enjoy it.



  1. You are always the life of the party.
  2. Your hands are always so warm.
  3. Somehow, no matter where we are, you always seem to have access to absinthe.
  4. Your lips are like candy.
  5. You always mash your food flat to cool it off.
  6. You are the smartest man in the whole world. (Sorry, Dad).
  7. You make me want to be so much better than I ever dream I could be.
  8. You enable me.
  9. You bring Apple Pig out on the porch with you whenever you smoke.
  10. You love fire.
  11. You always see the best in people.
  12. You are selfish – but only in the best of ways, and only where it counts.
  13. Chad Padwater.
  14. You read. Voraciously.
  15. No one even comes close to making mac and cheese anywhere near as good as yours.
  16. Your piss tastes like cotton candy – salty cotton candy, but cotton candy all the same.
  17. Geek.
  18. You always seem to wiggle your toes when you watch T.V.
  19. I love the fact that your creativity runs circles around everyone I know.
  20. You are full of rare but useful information: What “ketamine” is, how to hang me from my ankles, how to get through the worst case of the bed spins, etc etc.
  21. You are kind to animals.
  22. Especially me.
  23. Motorboating.
  24. On any given night you could bring me to at least three people’s houses for kinky fun.
  25. Snuggling with you guarantees I’m never cold.
  26. You take our relationship to new and better places.
  27. You are prone to random acts of piss play.
  28. You always find a way.
  29. You’re capable of sharing both your heart and your body with others.
  30. Your hedonism is rarely matched.
  31. When shit gets me down – you always know how to get me smiling again.
  32. You are so brave.
  33. You are not afraid to be silly and just have fun.
  34. You share your guilty pleasures with me.
  35. You love me – truly, deeply, despite all my flaws and foibles.
  36. You don’t sleep as well unless I’m in bed with you.
  37. You can’t sleep well unless you have an audio book on.
  38. Somehow, no matter where we are in the world – you always find at least one person you know personally.
  39. You have your father’s smile.
  40. You are my other third.
  41. You prefer to sit above me, not beside me.
  42. You’re sneaky! (Sometimes I wish you came with a bell!)
  43. Whenever any of the electronics in the house breaks down (even a toothbrush) – I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be able to fix it.
  44. You make me feel safe, even while we do unsafe things.
  45. You overcome so much, and always do better and better at everything you try.
  46. Your eyes are the most gorgeous shade of chocolate and emerald.
  47. You keep everything in the house on dimmers, and hate lights.
  48. You’d give me the shirt off your back if it came to it (though, you also make sure you never have to).
  49. You’re not afraid to play.  Not just sexually, really “play”.
  50. You own a gun.
  51. You’re not afraid to ignore rules which are put in place only to micro-manage.  I’ve never been able to do that.  No matter how stupid a rule, no matter who has set it, I have never been able to get past it.
  52. There’s no hardship I’ve ever faced with you that you haven’t been able to pull us out of, or had a plan to get out of.
  53. I love how you choose my food in restaurants, even though you know I could definitely come up with options on my own.  I love how you take that power away from me.
  54. I don’t know how, but you always find the perfect cards on birthdays and anniversaries. (I’m starting to think you have a bunny girl trapped somewhere in a basement I don’t know about who you force year round to make these.)
  55. You are child free, and happy.
  56. You never push your beliefs on others, not that you don’t sometimes have a giggle at other belief systems.
  57. You believe we’re equals, even though I’ll never see us that way at all.  I admire your ability to see men and women on the same plane, unlike me – where I grew up being taught that men were superior.
  58. You always have the most devious eViL pLaNs.
  59. I love the way you micro-manage me.  No, really!  I do!  I have always loved being micro-managed, though I know that drives some people bat shit insane.
  60. I love how you never let other people’s kink dictate ours.  I love how you make your own rules up, and rarely stick with the kink “herd”.  (Though, I do love the things that we do that others do, I especially love your personalized rules.)
  61. It might sound lame, but I enjoy your practicality.  I know you’d never put me in danger for the sake of looking cool or any of that nonsense.
  62. I love that you embrace things about yourself now, which you didn’t embrace when I met you.  I love how much you’ve come to love yourself.
  63. If I ever get stuck in a video game, I always know you’ll get me out.
  64. You’re such a good son, who calls and checks up on his Mom and family often – even when it’s not fun.
  65. You always see things in me which I can’t or don’t see for myself, and you have a way of making me believe it.
  66. I love how you’ll probably never grow up, in an adult sense.  I’d be sad if you stopped using food coloring on your mashed potatoes, or playing peek-a-boo with me.
  67. I love how Grabbie and Squeezie seem to always have magnets in them that attach themselves to my breasts.
  68. I love how you’re content to relax and do whatever you like while I clean, cook, and do household chores.  I don’t want you to read that line as sarcastic.  It absolutely isn’t.  A lot of guys have a hard time not helping out.  I appreciate that unless I’m sick or injured that you trust me to get things done to the best of my ability.
  69. You are such a big dreamer.  You have so many huge plans, and I know you’ll accomplish them all, with time.
  70. I love how you enjoy taking pictures of us.  I love that exhibitionist streak in you.
  71. You’re always ready and willing to try new things.  So many people aren’t.  It is a wonderful trait.
  72. I love that you prefer me to leave the house with kitty ears on, and that you don’t give a flying fuck who sees me or who thinks I should or shouldn’t wear them.  You’re such a fun person.
  73. I love the things you whisper in my ear in the dark of night, while we’re trying to drift off into sleep.
  74. I admire how at ease you are with driving.  I hope to be that good at driving someday.
  75. Your arms are so strong.  They keep me safe, beat me, comfort me, dis-comfort me, all at your whims.
  76. I love how good you are with ropes.  (See: creativity).  One picture can spark a hundred ideas, but you also come up with so many cool ideas on your own.
  77. I love how much of a “hobbit” you are.  I think if you could, you’d have your own homestead already, and you’d live on a steady diet of cloves, cheese, potatoes, bread, and fucking.
  78. While it took me a while to get on board, I am glad you enjoy spandex, and enjoy seeing it on me.
  79. Hamburger  cheese stretch.
  80. You’re always looking for a way to get involved.  With everything.  It’s so fun to be with someone who is like that.
  81. I love how you take me by the hand, and show me how to accept or love an activity that I’m afraid to try, instead of harshly forcing me into it.
  82. I love that you want to learn to sew so badly.  I’m so excited to give you sewing lessons!
  83. You don’t need a lot of money to have fun.  I love how an afternoon on the porch watching birds and smoking cloves is all you need to be contented, but, you’re not afraid to go out and have fun either.
  84. I love that you sing random, stupid songs with me.
  85. I think it’s cute that you have to sleep with a mask at night.  You make me think of Snuffie from Sesame Street. 🙂
  86. I love that you don’t think you’re too “good” to swear.  Being around you is always fun.
  87. I love your sense of exploration.  I really enjoy when we manage to spend three or four hours out on a hike together.
  88. I love how cozy you make everything.  Maybe our house is a bit “messy”, but I love that we always have blankets, pillows, and comforters strewn about – and that you snuggle with me in them.
  89. I love the feel of your feet in my mouth.
  90. I love the sound of your laughter.  It always makes me smile.
  91. I love how you always smile with your eyes.  Your emotions read clear as day.  It is gorgeous to behold.
  92. I love that we have a lot of similar interests, but you’re also not afraid of liking things that are completely different than things I like.  We’re two different people, and I love how you’re never afraid of that.
  93. I love the look on your face when you get a package in the mail.
  94. I love how you can never wait to get to the car before you open said package.
  95. I love the way you kick me out of the kitchen when you cook – because you don’t want me to see the ingredients you’re adding.
  96. I love how you could spend all day in the hot tub, even if I’m sitting in the shade staring at you, wondering how on Earth you’re surviving in there.  (One of life’s mysteries).
  97. I love the way you hold my wrist, not my hand, when we’re in public.
  98. I have no clue how you always manage to get your contacts in and out without putting your hands on your eye lids, but I always wished I could.  You are full of “neat tricks.”
  99. You’re the only person I have met in person who can tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue.
  100. I love that I could easily write another 100 things about you. 🙂  But I’ll just stop here for now.


Happiest birthday, Master!  I hope this year is a great one for you.  You deserve it.

14 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. 🙂 I’m sitting here grinning like an idiot. I was even surprised to catch myself wiggling my own toes when I read that line. You know me so well and you love me. I am truly the luckiest man to own you.

    I love you.

  2. and this is why this is my favourite BDSM-themed blog. You are such a special person, and your Master sure is as well ^_^ you make me feel warmer and trust relationships ^_^

  3. I sat down to post something here last night, but the tornado warning had other ideas. Despite the fact that I take serious exception to number six, I love your post, and the girl and I (she’ll prolly make a comment of her own as well) want to wish your Man a wonderful late happy birthday! He’s done a good job raising you. 🙂

  4. Master Pravus and kitty,

    i hope you had a wonderful birthday with your lovely Kitty! =)

    This is by far my very favorite line! “I love that you prefer me to leave the house with kitty ears on, and that you don’t give a flying fuck who sees me or who thinks I should or shouldn’t wear them. You’re such a fun person.”

    i am so on board with wearing fun outfits just for the sake of having fun, being who you are and saying “live and let live”.

    Very funny, when i read #6, i thought to myself… Ohhhh Kitty’s going to hear about THAT one! =p hehehe


    1. @Treasure LOL! Oh, I knew someone would probably say something. But really, if I don’t think Master’s the smartest man in the whole wide world, then who would be? (Enter Gaspar’s comment). Lol. You two always make me giggle. 🙂

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