Master’s Birthday

Master And His Birthday Fondue

This past Thursday was Master’s birthday and while it may not have been his most fun birthday of all time, it may have been one of his more exciting birthdays.  The night before I had told him that I thought his cheek looked a whole lot more swollen, and he admitted that his co-workers thought so too.  He decided to stay home on his birthday so that he could go to the dentist and get looked at.  We figured they’d probably get him another antibiotic and send him on his way.  Nope.  Lucky Master had an abscess drained in his face.  Fun times, right?  It was horrible to look at because nothing the dentist did could numb him (because of the infection).  Happy Birthday, indeed!

A couple days ahead of time, we had gone to five different stores and just could not find a  Carvel  ice cream cake (the kind Master likes).  Because of his wisdom tooth, he still can’t have any solid food for probably another one to two weeks.  (He just finished up two weeks on liquids).  I really wanted his birthday to be as special as could be, so I suggested we pop on into the store by the dentist, since we hadn’t tried for an ice cream cake there.  Master agreed that it was a good idea, so we went on in.  Luckily, they did have an ice-cream cake!  He was thrilled!

We basically ran around all morning.  First his dental appointment (which took an hour and a half of messing around in his mouth), then the cake, then we had to run across town to get his prescription.  I’m not sure what I did to be so lucky, but Master got me a cucumber avocado sushi while we waited for his prescription to be ready.  By the time we got home, there was less than an hour to my physical therapy appointment.

Yep, Master made my physical therapy appointment for his birthday.  I felt really bad when he did it, and I pointed out that he made the appointment for the same day.  He said it was fine because he wanted to make sure I got two appointments that week (until the physical therapist says I don’t need to come twice per week).  He said that my foot was more important.  (Awww..)  I would have been just as happy not to go, but of course I did.

We had been planning on making Master a cheddar cheese fondue (cheddar is his favorite type of cheese), and I had looked up a recipe for him.  Neither of us has ever made cheese fondue.  We thought that at this point he would be able to do some fresh, soft bread in the fondue.  We also bought him a fresh baked bread loaf hoping that he could eat it.  This was the first cheese fondue either of us had ever eaten, and Master loved it!  He even broke out his giant telescoping fork for the occasion.  (We’ve never had fondue, so we’ve never had fondue forks)!  It was really good and Master said he looks forward to having it another time.  🙂  I was glad it was a success.

Ice Cream Cake

After the fondue we had ice cream cake, and after the ice cream cake I went to bed.  The dentist is worried Master may have a super bug, and put him on two antibiotics (He’s been on combinations of antibiotics since a couple of days before his surgery!), and told him to take it super easy until the antibiotics run out.  So, no play for us.  Still, while it wasn’t his most exciting birthday ever, I hope he at least had a fun dinner.  We’re going to re-celebrate as soon as his mouth is feeling better.

Mew mew!


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