Denver Pride 2012

I think it was Friday night when Master asked me if I wanted to go to Denver Pride.

Are you kidding?


Ha. Well, we looked up the info online, and decided we were going to try to make it down for Saturday, because it was due to hit 90 degrees on Sunday, and that would just be no fun at all. Of course, I spent a good amount of time wondering what I should wear, Friday night. I figured I needed to wear rainbow socks, and a tutu, of course. And also of course, I didn’t have any rainbow socks (Which is bizarre, because I have two dressers full of socks! This is an oversight which will need to be corrected soon!), and also, the only tutus I had were too short and see-through for this particular time of the month. ::cough:: Boo! But, the good news is that Master helped me pick out some leopard print things, and I even wore my tail. I don’t wear my tail every day, so you know that Pride was special. I also wore my kitty ear headband which covers my forehead. I generally wear it if I’m going to be out and about in day light to prevent sunburns on my scalp. Works like a dream. Of course, as I sit here typing this, I have a funny little butterfly shaped burn on my face. Considering we were gone all day and I reapplied sunblock, I’m really glad I only managed a small burn on my chest and a funny looking burn on my face. Not a bad result.

Master at Denver Pride.We packed up the car fairly early (before 10AM) and headed out. We were both excited! Once we were there, we had to walk a little bit to get to the Pride area, because we had to pack in the garage a little ways away.

Anyhow, within about one minute of entering the festival, there were people mewing at me from their booth! I love hanging out with the GLBT community, they are generally so friendly and fun! Plus, I can “mew” back and it’s totally normal. Love it.

We started mingling and just checking out vendor tables to start. It was cool meeting people and chatting. There were lots of doggies! I have never seen so many animals at a festival or gathering before. It was really cool. They were all so cute, some even with little rainbow bandanas. I loved it! I even saw a kitty in a harness at one point. I sort of chuckled to myself because I was pretty sure that Serenade would never take to that. She’s too.. Rascally. At first I felt really bad for the dogs, because it was warm out that day, and I thought they’d be too hot. Luckily, almost all the vendors I saw had water dishes out for the pups though! Even if the vendor didn’t have a dog themselves. So cute and thoughtful. Love this community so much.

Denver Pride 2012

One of my favorite parts of Pride was that there was a petting zoo! With actual animals! (Not human pets, sadly!) There was a forty pound tortoise, a burrow, a pony, a baby cow (omg, so cute!), a giant rabbit, goats, sheep, and more. It was so cool to be able to go in and pet the animals, and feel the tortoise shell, etc. Master told me to go ahead into the little zoo area and start petting the animals, and I did, and he caught up with me a few minutes later and gave me some sliced carrots to feed the animals. =^^= It was so fun! They were all so cute and having carrot slices definitely makes you popular among the goats.


The petting zoo area might have been my favorite part, because I think we went back to it three times. ::Blush:: But, I have a hard time resisting animals, so can you blame me?

We got stickers, and lotion, and sunblock, and condoms, and lube, and all sorts of fun hand outs. We walked around and met some interesting characters, and someone who I follow on twitter even recognized me. It’s such a small world, and it’s so cool when you finally get to meet people you’ve been chatting with online.

It was a gorgeous day for Pride-going. We wound up under cloud cover most of the day which was nice, because it made it more comfortable to move around in the heat. We even got a couple of drops of rain, which also felt good. Luckily it was never really more than sprinkles though, because that would have made things a lot less fun.

For my first Pride Fest? Absolutely awesome! I had a blast and enjoyed meeting lots of cool people and seeing lots of cool stuff. I look forward to next year, when Master and me are hoping to go for both days! Woo!

6 thoughts on “Denver Pride 2012

  1. Great blog post, kitty! I enjoyed all your pictures too. 🙂 Glad you and your Master had a great time at Denver pride!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog post! It was great to hear from you!

    Biggest hugs,

  2. We’ve been to International Mr. Leather the last two years and have found the gay crowd to be far friendlier than the average crowd we run into anywhere else. Then again, the average crowd elsewhere usually doesn’t have a guy helping another guy try on a cock ring in front of strangers. For the record, as a straight man, I thought his cock was quite nice. Unfortunately, after I saw that, I wondered about everything else I’d been pawing over all day…cock rings…electrodes…BUTT PLUGS…..

  3. Your outfit is to die for!!! That’s so cute that people mewed at you…and your pride event falls nearly a month before the one here in Vancouver.

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