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I remember when Master bought me my first set of Nipple Suckers.  They were these, long black ones from Cal Exotics.  It took me some time to warm up to them, but in time I grew to love them.  My biggest problem with them though is that they aren’t really that good for any alone time I have with myself.  My hands are too weak to create a strong enough suction with these, and I longed for something I could use alone more easily.

They don’t carry them on Eden (for shame), but California Exotics Novelties does carry an Advanced Nipple Sucker Set.  We had these for about a year, and then they met with an unfortunate accident.  (Oops!)  Wanting to replace them, I’d heard that the Mini Nipple Suckers by Cal Exotics were similar, and very, very strong.  So, I decided to try them out.  They looked the same, the only difference was the size.

Mini Nipple Suckers

As you can see from my picture, they are cute and small.  These Mini Nipple Suckers come in a clamshell package, and say “Safe and Pure” on them, but no where on the package does it state what the material these are made out of is.  However, according to the website, these are made from PVC.  PVC is porous, so don’t share these with anyone who you aren’t fluid-bonded with.

Master and me both tried these on our hands before we attempted to use them for any sort of real play.  (Better to try them before you get in the middle of things, we always reason).  Unfortunately, these had a hard time sticking even to just our hands or arms, and we were both surprised.  We didn’t have that problem either with the long black suckers, or the advanced suckers.  Since these didn’t stick well for us, I didn’t get any pain, stimulation, or much fun out of these at all.

During play time?  These let me down just like I suspected they would (via trial run).  They won’t stay stuck to my nipples, and the suction on these isn’t even as good as the long black nipple suckers.  It’s a shame.  While they are smaller than our advanced nipple suckers were, they are easier to knock off (which is a problem I never had with my Advanced Nipple Suckers), and just don’t deliver the same suction as our other nipple suction devices.  Master even tried licking them before sticking them to me, and that worked a bit, but on the whole these are just weaker than any other sucker we’ve tried.

If you have pierced nipples, I highly doubt they will fit in these suckers.  The cups are even smaller than the Advanced Nipple Suckers were, and those weren’t really big enough for most pierced nipples either.  My nipples are pretty medium-sized, and I find that while they do fit in the cups of these suckers, I wish they had just a bit more room.

The suckers do have a slight smell to them straight out of the package.  The smell is a very plastic sort of factory scent, but it’s nothing unbearable.  Washing these with soap and water did lessen the smell somewhat.  I really only notice the smell now if I put my nose right inside them.  The outside does not have a scent, and there is no taste to these whatsoever.

Will you like these?  Maybe.  Are you experimenting with nipple stimulation, and want a toy that you can use on your own?  Do you prefer a less than substantial bite?  Do you want something inexpensive?  These might be for you.

For us, they were a swing and a miss.  Sorry, California Exotics.  You’ve done better for us.  I’m giving these two paws:

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Rubber nipple suckersNipple suction cups made of PVC.

These Nipple Suckers are a part of my personal collection, and were not given to me in exchange for a review.

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