Things over here are going pretty well. There’s always too much to do, and too little time to do it in, it seems. I’ve been keeping myself busy while Master works his absurd shifts. Poor Master. There is a bright spot on the horizon though, May seems to be the current deadline where he’ll be back to working less. Of course, deadlines have been pushed back so many times (stupid projects), but a kitty can hope, anyway. We’re both hoping anyway. It has been very hard dealing with all these late nights and ridiculous hours, but knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel is helping.

A few nights ago there was a class on cunnilingus at our local sex shop. Local sex ed classes are always fun, no matter the topic because A) you’re in a sex shop, and B) everyone is so friendly, and C) free stuff. <3 We were laughing a lot and had a really great time. Unfortunately, the instructor didn’t actually talk much about cunnilingus.. It was mainly about sex toys you could use in conjunction with cunnilingus. >.< I suppose that’s what happens when the class is given in a sex toy shop, but it was really fun nonetheless. Afterwards we looked around the store, and Master found a couple of toys he says he wants to get later, and he also got me the cutest set of feetie pajamas in existence. Hee hee.

Tomorrow the car has an appointment to get its wheel fixed. Poor Bettie. Master keeps joking that it’s her front right toe, like me. Ha ha. At least the car will be driving well again though so that I can practice with it. =^^=

19 days until vacation! (Yes, we really are counting down. We both need a break pretty badly).

Anyway, after last weekend being a total dud, I am just hoping we get the things done we need to this weekend. >.< Now, where’s our bunny girl who could be running all these errands for us? He he.

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