Hedonism Week, Part 1

Okay, I know we are going to be gone for longer than a week, but we’ve still sort of dubbed the vacation “Hedonism Week”. Our plan is to sample as many “sins” as possible during our stay in Sin City. The entire stay will be eleven days long (two days travel) though Master Pravus has twelve days on vacation. We try (when possible) to always take one extra day off where we can both lounge around after vacation, and deal with vacation drop together. Usually, we go out to dinner somewhere fancy on that day too, as a way to sort of “ease” back from “luxury vacation living” and back into reality.

In the past, I’ve put up just a picture and said when I was going to come back to the blog. But, I need Master Pravus’ permission to do that, and this time I do not have it. I’m not sure for sure, but I think the reason why he wants me to blog whilst we’re away is so that when we’re home he can re-live it all through my blogs. He always tells me that’s one of his favorite things about reading my blog. Sometimes we will finish having sex or going somewhere fun and he will jump up and say “I want you to go blog about this right now!” Lol! He did also say though, that if we’re too busy he may grant me permission to skip a day here or there, and if that happens there just won’t be a blog that day. I won’t post a warning or anything. I’m also slightly nervous that my little Acer may not be up to the task of blogging the whole time, but I am crossing my fingers. I don’t want tech issues to prevent me from being able to blog. =^^=

We sat down and we made a list of the things we would be sad if we left Vegas and hadn’t done them. Those things we’re planning on doing first. After that, there’s a bunch of other “maybe” things we’re looking forward to. Most of them will likely be revealed in time (he he).

The crazy part is, it wouldn’t matter to me if we were going to Vegas, some random town in Arkansas, or a rubber tire factory. Vegas is nice, of course, but the main thing is that we can get away and just relax for a bit.

Another somewhat crazy part is, one person already said to Master Pravus: “How on Earth are you going to go to Vegas for ten days! I could never be drunk that long!”

Believe me, I’m sure we will drink a little here or there but the purpose of the trip is not to be drunk for days on end. We have lots of things planned that don’t involve drinking at all. For goodness sakes, if the only thing you can think to do in Vegas is drink then you need to be more creative. ::shakes head::

I usually write my blog a day ahead, so things will likely be a day behind when you’re reading them. =^^= Today, we are getting up at 4AM to begin our drive down to Vegas, and we should arrive by about 3PM if we don’t get stalled or make any stops along the way. We don’t really have plans for our first day there, but starting Friday, the convention starts and we’re beyond excited about it. Woo!

Goals for the week:

1) Have fun! Master Pravus’ crummy work schedule has been hard on us both, and we really need this time to rest and recoup. We’ve had fun, but now it’s time to have lots and lots of it.

2) Don’t get hurt. Subluxes and minor injuries aside, we are both hoping neither of us (mainly me, as Master Pravus is strong like bull) comes home in a cast, or spends vacation in a wheelchair. Just no. Please and thank you.

So that’s it. Hedonism Week Part 1. I will write more later, once we’ve arrived in Vegas! Mew mew!

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