Breaking In The Tongue Piercing

I’ve had my tongue piercing for about five weeks now, and it’s pretty well healed.  I’ve had the barbell downsized twice, and we’re planning on downsizing it one last time, but they need to special order the jewelry we want.  Either way, the swelling is completely down and I have no trouble taking it out for jewelry changes, etc.  Not that I’ve changed jewelry myself, either.  My piercer has changed it for me each time.

The other night Master Pravus and me decided to test out my “new” piercing on his cock.  We wanted to be sure it was definitely healed before we did, and it seemed like a good time.  I had my tongue pierced once before, but I never got around to giving anyone oral sex with it, so this was the first time I gave oral while wearing tongue jewelry.  I admit I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing.  Completely new territory for me.

I teased his cock slowly and carefully at first with it, mainly because I was figuring out how to best do things without hitting my teeth with the jewelry, etc.  After a while it sort of became second nature to me, and I stopped thinking so much and just relaxed into it.  I asked Master if he liked it better than before I got pierced, and if it felt especially good or if I did it right.  (If I can improve for next time, I always want to know!)  He said I “Definitely did it right,” so I guess he liked it a lot.  Color me a happy kitty.

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