No Regrets

We bought the house back in October, and it really was the strangest thing.  Literally all of my online friends were like “YAY!  We’re so happy for you!  Now you can stop moving so much!” and literally all of my offline friends were like “NOO!  Don’t do it!  Don’t you know how much work a house is?  They’re expensive, too!”

Kind of funny how different the views were.  There wasn’t any middle ground, and if there was, those people probably kept it to themselves.  Well, it’s been eight months since we bought the house but we definitely don’t regret it one bit.

Is the house cheaper than our previous rents?  Yes.  Is it our dream home? No, but we’re probably going to move one last time later (but no time soon).  Is it a lot of work?  Yes, but it’s work that we actually can go and do ourselves.  I’m sure there are plenty of places in Colorado where you can rent a nice apartment, but we’ve lived in several different complexes ranging from luxury to average, and honestly, they all have absolute shit customer service and all of them were complete nightmares.  You want to see how bad things have been here?  Type “Apartment” into the search bar up there and go:  “Just what the fuck?”  Massachusetts has much stricter Landlord/tenant rules so we were expecting something similar.  Nope.

Have things gone wrong in the house?  Yes.  We had our washer and dryer die, we had to exterminate a bunch of bugs before moving in, we had a break in, the back part of the house is an Internet dead-zone (well, we fixed that now, but it was an Internet dead-zone), we had to junk the fridge that came with the house because it was disgusting (and barely worked) and the dish washer will probably die soon too.  You know what though?  We don’t need approval to do it ourselves.  We can run out immediately and fix things.  We can set an appointment for people to come to look at things, and they don’t just show up when I’m in the shower or try to fix my water without turning it off first.

Are there improvements we want to make?  Yes, and we’ve been working on them.  Is it more work having a house?  Yes and no.  I have a hard time physically, so it’s a Hell of a lot easier knowing exactly when people will be in my home than it is when I have to just guess and be up every day at 8AM until someone finally shows up (and it can and has taken weeks in the past).  When you get down to the nitty-gritty then yes, we do have to do all of the grunt work ourselves, but getting that stuff taken care of on our own in a fraction of the time is way better than waiting on someone else.

Not one regret here.

8 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. I know this feeling very well 🙂 We own a unit. Yes its not a house, but its way cheaper than renting. We are now ahead on our mortgage, thanks to saving a cheap interest rates. Yes we would like more space, but the maintenance has been easier. Next time we will buy a house or town house. But for now owning our own unit is great. Three of our friends own a unit for simalar reasons. Also this is the only way we can afford to own close to the city. Because neither of us drive. We get downer comments a lot about owning a unit instead of a house but it works for us.

    1. @MomoNoHanna Hmmm. A unit? You mean like a condo? Or is it different? We owned a condo a while back, and it wasn’t too bad. I mean, we had problems with the condo association, but the unit itself was fine (if small). People give us downer comments too, because we don’t live in a big house, or even a medium house. This place is small and has no bathtub, even. But I’m grateful we have it. I do hope we can get a bit bigger place later, but only because having a bathtub makes me happy. 🙂

  2. I’d love to own a house with Sir one day. We rent now, and I feel like we pay rent every month and that money just disappears. I’d rather pay monthly to something that will be ours. That we can shape, control, fix. Paint if we want to!

    Congrats on the house. I know its been a crazy ride, but that’s what life is, right?

    1. @sublea Yep, sure is! I’m not saying that everything has been perfect, but now that we have a house it will make it easier to get a better one later on. 🙂

      I hope you and your Sir can buy a house too someday, when you’re ready. 🙂

  3. I’m about the say the only downside I think to a house, is IF you are a person that likes to move around. I live in Texas and just looking at house mortgages up keep and all that it is cheaper than being in an apartment!!

    1. @Jeallen25 Very true! But, we hate moving so we only want to move ONE more time (somewhere a smidge bigger, but no time soon). A house in our area is MUCH cheaper than renting, too. So totally agree on all accounts.

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