Bruises and Boxes

In my last blog post, I wrote that I was returning to my heart media- vlogging. I began my Internet journey as a vlogger and I wanted to return to YouTube because I enjoy making videos the most. I did say that if things change that I would make a note here and that my blog may lie dormant for a while but that I wouldn’t be getting rid of it, and that a time would likely come again when I would begin writing here once more.

So, hello everyone! It’s that time again. I’ll be writing in here for the time being. I don’t know how long I will be updating this blog, or when exactly I will switch back to full-time vlogger but for this very moment, blogging is going to be much more conducive to our current lifestyle than vlogging so here we are. (We being Master Pravus, Dongalor, and myself.)

So, why exactly am I blogging instead of vlogging now? A lot is going on, and it’s becoming somewhat a necessity to keep my updates much shorter (vlogging is much more fun but it takes a lot of time to set up the room, myself, edit video and etc then it does to type up a blog. A blog can be done by myself with no help. I don’t need anyone to help me haul my big feeding tube backpack or lug a camera. And while carrying a camera and equipment around is normally not a big problem, it’s time that we’re trying not to spend right now while we’re in the middle of moving.

Yes, I said moving. Moving is taking up every spare minute and we’re devoted to doing it with every bit of spare time we have, so a lot of frills are being cut out of our day-to-day to make space for that. Blogging gives me a chance to update friends and family with what is going on while also keeping our plans moving forward.

We are, however, uploading a monthly vlog to the YouTube channel. Considering we were uploading 3-4 per week that will tell you that we have cut back significantly. So that’s why we’re currently returning to blogging. It’s temporary, and once we get the move on the road, we likely will switch back to YouTube again. For now though, here we are! 🙂

So what is going on right now? Well, exactly one week ago this past Friday I got out of the hospital after being treated for sepsis and having my port moved from the right side of my chest to the left. I had sort of a rough ride when it was placed, so having to explain to everyone in this hospital that I absolutely wouldn’t let them place it under twilight sedation unless they got an actual anesthesiologist (it was a different hospital) was a huge pain in the butt. Nobody wanted to just call the other hospital to get clarification that I had a terrible time and don’t respond to twilight anesthesia because of my Ehlers-Danlos (geeze I wish I did), so that was a nightmare.

The only advice they gave me when I was leaving was to leave the bandage on for twenty-four hours and then to remove it, from the side that had my old port on it. However, that side keeps re-opening despite the fact that since I have returned home from surgery I’ve been just taking it easy. We really want it to heal so I haven’t packed anything in a week and just doing minor things like walking around the house and getting tea/etc is reopening the wound.

It’s been a week. My doctor can’t see me until the end of the month, and I have no desire to go the emergency room for this because even though it really doesn’t seem right, I doubt that it’s life threatening. So right now I’m kind of down for the count, but I’m not completely out. I’m hoping that if I continue to rest this thing has to heal up and stop reopening. So that’s the plan.

Meanwhile, we’re packing. And when I say we, I guess right now it’s mainly Master Pravus. Before my port got moved, it was 99% me packing, and Master Pravus was bringing all of our boxes out at night to a storage facility to get them out of the house so we can show our house easier/etc. Until I’m healed enough that my wound stops reopening, I’ve been mainly trying to sleep, read books, and play video games. I don’t get a ton of time to do that stuff usually so it’s kind of good catching up on some of the books in my book nook.

I don’t have a plan for how often I’ll update here. It could be several days in a row. It could be once a week. When there’s news, I’ll post it. I do have one final thing that I would like to say before I bugger off for this particular entry and that is:

Over the past couple of years there have been a few people who have been sticking around despite my expressed wishes that they leave me alone. I obviously have no control over who lurks here, but if you’re going to leave comments on my blog and you’re someone I have specifically told to leave me alone: I will block you and continue deleting your comments. Please find something else to do with your time.

To everyone else: thank you for your thoughts, good wishes, comments, love, and good vibes. I appreciate you so much and I know Master Pravus does too!


Red Vinyl Kitty

4 thoughts on “Bruises and Boxes

  1. I registered to this site for the first time (being an ongoing lurker) to tell you and send well wishes and good loving! There are people who do care, they are just quiet. The loudest ones are the idiots so you just need to learn to tune them out!

    I hope you do enjoy getting some game time in! I mean who doesn’t want a good time to tune out and play video games!

    1. Thank you so much, Kokorun! I appreciate both your good wishes and your decloaking. I had a pretty bad instance of harassment with a few individuals which got kind of out of hand, but overall I completely agree: the people I have met and the kindness I have been met with on my Blog/Vlog has in general been overwhelmingly great for the most part (or I wouldn’t want to keep going).. But since I’m blogging again I just wanted to remind a couple bad apples who had been rearing their heads that a real person reads and writes here and that I won’t tolerate the bullying. This is my online “home” after all. Anyhow, thank you so much for introducing yourself! I hope you feel welcome to pop by and comment again at some point. You’re more than welcome in these parts anytime. Mew! ❤️ Faete =^^=

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