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A Little Wet Out Of The Shower, But A Shot Of My Current Hair Growth

Today was the first day since we had my port revision surgery that I woke up and felt like my energy was returning. Maybe I am finally starting to turn a corner. It’s been twelve days post op, and that’s a little longer than it originally took me when I had my first port placed but I really do feel a lot more myself. I even felt like I wanted to pack boxes and do some cleaning (don’t worry, I didn’t!).

The major issue? The side with my old port is still slowly bleeding if I do anything at all with my arms (even to lift myself off a chair or to move my feeding tube around the house with the walker) it weeps slowly. Worse is that the side with the new port? That’s started bleeding too, and it really hadn’t been in the last couple of days. Nutritionally I don’t get the right amount of formula still, and my blood work is still terrible so that’s probably not helping anything heal faster.. But I really shouldn’t be dealing with bleeding still. We have given it so much time and we really don’t want to, but we’re definitely going to have to go to the hospital tomorrow we think. The only reason we avoided going today is because honestly I’m feeling so much better physically that I guess we kept hoping that maybe with my energy returning the bleeding would slow down or stop but we’ve had no such luck still. So. Tomorrow- no matter what, unless by some miracle we wake up and the wound has finally stopped bleeding. ::Sigh::

It seems like every time I have surgery, no matter how minor, it really does knock you back for a little while. It might only be for a couple of days and it might be for a week or more. This time I really felt it for nearly two weeks, and the people who did the surgery told me that it wouldn’t take much out of me at all. “It’s just port revision surgery.” they said. “You’ll be sore but able to do anything as long as you don’t lift anything heavy.” Nobody really clued me in that it was going to take a lot of energy out of me. I feel like more often than not they like to leave that as a “surprise.” ::eyeroll:: And no one really thinks about the fact that I have gastroparesis and don’t get much formula so that will obviously affect things too. ::shrugs:: Anyway. It really did feel like a huge improvement to be getting my energy back, though! I hope that after we go to the hospital tomorrow they have a good explanation, or a better dressing or something that will help me get this wound to straighten up and fly right. I’m so ready to move onwards and upwards!

Oh, and check out my hair! It’s been a little bit since we shaved it, and it’s really starting to get long, so I thought I’d snap a shot after my shower snuggled down in my kitty nest.<3

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