Bundling Up

Time To Get The Fireworks Pile Under Control

We’re not going to be here in Colorado for much longer, and one of the things that we will probably miss when we do go is my new-found love of sparklers. I never really liked fireworks before we moved here, but I have since grown to enjoy doing sparklers with Master Pravus on the Fourth every year. Even if sparklers were legal where we are moving (and they aren’t) it’s illegal for you to travel with them in a moving truck! Interesting huh? File that under useless information you’ll probably never need. (And if it does come up.. You’re welcome!) 😉

Anyway, seeing as how this is our last Fourth here, we figured we’d better use up our fireworks. We had a bunch of morning glories left over from last year, because it wound up raining almost the entire weekend and so it was really now or never! Master Pravus took some pictures of me playing with the sparklers. He gave me several bundles of five or so sparklers at a time to play with! They were so much more exciting than usual!

Playing with morning glories outside

Master Pravus lit about twenty morning glories together at once at the end! They were only miniature morning glories, but it was really exciting to see, and he even had his Cheshire Cat grin on while he did it. >:)

I got to have a marshmallow from the fire pit, and we had a nice time out there. I was a little bittersweet to think that this was our last time out there in our Colorado house. But it’ll be so much better when we’re onwards and upwards. Still, we’ve worked towards making this place our home over the past several years. And no matter what, putting in that kind of effort makes it a little sad to see it go.

I hope everyone out there had a lovely Fourth! <3

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