The Silliest Sex

A picture of the inside of the dinosaur luggage.
Dinosaur Luggage

Sometimes sex is so fucking funny and last night it was just one of those times. Since we’re moving right now, Master Pravus and me packed up most of the toys already. He’s only keeping out a small handful of things (deemed: the essentials). For the moment, they’re sitting in a rolling dinosaur luggage, which is really convenient. At the end of the day, we decided to wind down with some play and pulled out the dino luggage.

At one point, Master Pravus had the (AFF) bondage mittens on me, and our favorite blindfold which allows me the ability to freely open and close my eyes during play. I’ve always been a blinker, even under a blindfold- and I’ll constantly open and shut my eyes (or try to). A blindfold won’t stop that unless it’s padded. The best part about the blindfold we were using is that not only can I open my eyes, but it doesn’t let you peek under it while you’re blinking! It really is my favorite blindfold right now and we’ve used it nearly exclusively for years.

Somewhere in the middle of play I was having a grand old time, and even though I couldn’t see him I could tell Master Pravus was too. 🙂 I suddenly blinked and then an eyelash fell into my eye! I, of course (never dramatic!) screamed “help” and started laughing a lot. Master knew it wasn’t anything serious because I hadn’t called my safeword or anything. I could tell he instantly thought it was something he was doing to me so I instantly put in:

“It’s my eye! I blinked and something fell in!”

He reached up and took my blindfold off with one free hand.

We were both laughing so hard and he took one of my mittens off (the left one since it was my left eye!) so I could deal with the eyelash I had blinked in there. “This is the worst timing, I’m so sorry…”

He assured me it was totally fine and that the only real problem is that he wished he had more hands! LOL! He left the left mitten off once I fixed my eye and we went along playing as usual, but he did put my blindfold back on.

Later on, he was rubbing my clit with the back of his hand, and his elbow was resting on the bed. I began cumming hard. Very hard. So hard that I started bucking around, as I usually do. Unfortunately for Master Pravus, I came for an uncommonly long (for me) amount of time in this particular session, and he lost his balance when I was bucking around. As he lost balance, his elbow went right into my right kidney, but (being the badass he is! ::chuckle::) he kept rubbing my clit! Ha ha. Of course, an elbow to the kidney from someone literally 100 pounds heavier than I am didn’t go over well and I had an automatic reflex against it which caused me to accidentally knock the dinosaur luggage clear onto the ground!

As soon as the luggage fell on the ground we both started laughing like crazy. We decided that this was just the funniest session in a long time. I don’t think that nearly as many things have gone wrong in this spectacular (and funny!) a fashion in quite a while. If you both have good humor about things, and can laugh when things don’t go as planned then silly sex doesn’t have to mean “bad” sex. 🙂

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