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These were the first pair of wrist cuffs I’ve ever owned, and I originally bought a pair a long time ago. They held up for a number of years, and when they finally started to fall apart, we wanted to replace them. The exact size cuffs we purchased for me are actually not available on the (AFF) Stockroom.com website anymore. The first pair of cuffs I bought was 1.5″ in width, and they were just perfect. I loved them to pieces (literally)! But all good things must come to an end, and as many of you have seen over the years, we continued to try to find a way to replace the cuffs with different ones. Each pair had its pros and cons, and each one was okay for different uses- but none were as comfortable as what we wanted them for: day-to-day wear and bedtime restraint.

The (AFF) Locking/Buckling Leather Wrist Cuffs will fit a wide variety of wrists, which is excellent. One problem I tend to have is finding a cuff that will fit my small wrists easily. These will cinch down to 5.5″ and will fit as large as 8″, which is a bit on the small to medium side. Large wrists look out! If you have small ankles, this could be an option for you as well, but they do make an (AFF) ankle cuff specifically for that purpose.

The original pair of wrist cuffs we got were smooth leather, and the description page describes these as “one piece of smooth and durable latigo leather.” We expected them to arrive in similar texture to the original cuffs. The product pictures are really very similar to the ones when we got our original 1.5″ pair here, with the exception of the page that shows you a close up of the cuffs themselves. I admit we didn’t look extra close here or we may have noticed the texture. It’s not really a big deal, and the texture itself doesn’t take away from the cuffs- it’s just that we were both expecting a smooth finish similar to the old pair when we read the description. I really just wanted to say something because I feel that based on the description someone else may be expecting what we did as well.

One thing that makes these cuffs impossible to replace with any other pair is just how smoothly and snuggly they fit against the skin. I was never a big fan of padded cuffs because I find them to be bulky and unwieldy. With these cuffs they go on, wrap on, and they really feel like a second skin hugging you and holding you perfectly. It’s hard to beat. They lock if you desire it, (locks sold separately) and they form to your wrists over time so that they feel just perfect and like they were made for you.

Every time I think I have found a pair of cuffs that I think I can live with, I just pine for my old stockroom cuffs. They’re the most functional pair of bondage equipment that make it easy to be a slave doing chores around the house in restraints, or asleep in gear. Sure, there’s other gear I can wear- but the cuffs that I always want to wear are these ones. I’m so glad we finally just got a pair despite the extra .5″ size difference. They’re a little longer on my wrists than they used to be, but I don’t find it to be a problem like we thought it might be. These are gorgeous and just what we both wanted.

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These were not given to me in exchange for a review. These cuffs are from my own personal collection which I chose to review on my own. Thank you for reading!

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