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**CW for medical talk and blood talk. If you read further, it’s at your own discretion. You’re responsible for your own Internet experience, please be sure to appropriately manage your content viewing.**

We still don’t know exactly what’s wrong with my feeding tube, and I’m still waiting for the test I need, but it’s just past the holidays and I’m hanging in there. I went to see another doctor who is supposed to manage my Enterra Device and he’s also a surgeon. As he handles the Enterra Device we thought we would also ask him to look at my feeding tube. I’ve literally waited a long time to hear back from the other guy and I’ve been laying almost entirely flat on my back that whole time. We figured a second opinion wouldn’t hurt.

This guy thought that I should have the same test the first guy ordered, but he thinks he can get me in for it sooner. (As in, it’s already been two weeks with no test in sight.. Ugh!) So we will see who can get it done faster. ::Shrugs:: He seemed a lot more interested in my feeding tube on the whole than the first doctor, (who seemed more interested in my hernia) probably because this guy works more with gastroparesis and feeding tube patients, and the Enterra Device. So, we may just see the first guy for my hernia and stick with this doctor for my feeding tube. We will see what pans out though.

Something that really stuck out to us is that this particular surgeon’s son has a G-tube*, and we felt that because of that he was extra careful around my tube, it was just nice to see. Most doctors are pretty rough with tubes because they just assume they won’t hurt. I mean, no- they don’t hurt when they’re working, but when they’re dislodged or infected they can hurt a ton. He also said that he had to relocate from out of state with his son because the care for feeding tubes out of Boston is.. Terrible. Ha ha. So he was in our boat too once. We liked him a lot.

Hopefully, he can fix the current feeding tube issue up quickly because I think the first surgeon we saw is interested in helping me but I don’t think he’s experienced in tubes. You really have to find someone who specializes and again, I think he’s more interested in the hernia but thankfully by happy accident I think things will work out even if I had to wait around this little extra while.


So right now I’m not feeling absolutely fabulous. My feeding tube is very angry. I still need a test and we have still been house-hunting. And when I say we, I mean mainly Master Pravus. At the doctor, the bumper was tightened up a lot in the hopes it would help until surgeon #2 can get me in to see the radiology team. Once we got home, I was limping and bent over a little bit but I said that I wanted to try to go out on the house tours since there was nothing anyone could do for me until we got to Radiology. I really didn’t want to miss out. Hesitantly, Master Pravus helped me change into something else so I could go (remember I was kind of bent over, so I wasn’t exactly able to stand up as I normally would be able to) and as I was changing my gauze a thick red line of blood started to run from my tube. Adjusting the bumper set things off again inside, whatever on Earth is going on. ::Sigh::

“You’re not coming now,” he told me.

::Sigh:: But I knew he was right.

I just hope the radiology test comes soon so we can figure this out, because this is not right. A drop of blood is one thing, but literally, this thing should not bleed like this.

A few days ago we put a bid on a house that we both love. LOVE. Love. I mean, we’re talking dream house. It’s huge! The basement has a washer/dryer that come with the house. The house has soo many closets, it has a stained glass window, the attic is finished, there’s a gorgeous porch, solar panels, it’s bigger than we wanted originally by about 1,000 sq. ft and oh my gosh it’s probably our dream home really! So we put a bid on it and our Realtor really thought we could get the house, but it’s so competitive here that it’s just as bad as it was the last time when we were shopping for a house in Denver. Awful. Like, you put a bid in and it feels like ten more get put in that day and you’re lucky to get your offer accepted. This isn’t our first home though, so we have a little more leverage than the first time we were buying a house.

Well, since we had to play the waiting game, our Realtor thought it was the best plan to go out looking at houses again last night just in case. The housing market is rough so you gotta be prepared. Master Pravus had to go out alone (see above) but he took video to show me when he came home.

Thing is, as soon as he came home, he spent about an hour just staring at pictures of the dream house. “This is where the Dungeon will go! This is where my workroom will go! The game room will be here… It’s OK if we don’t get it… The right place will come to us.” It was hard to believe that last statement but we kept repeating it anyway. The right place will come to us and if it’s not this one we’ll be OK.

“But I want THIS one..” we’d both take turns saying and scrolling through the pictures in the listing. It seemed like the perfect place for us. Just perfect. Our agent called us that night and we modified our bid to be a little sweeter. Then we had to go to bed.

“Conjure it for us, Kitty,” Master Pravus said teasingly before we went to bed.

“What?!” I snapped.

You’re a witch!” he pointed out tauntingly.

“I can’t be a witch! I don’t even have any sunhats.” I teased back.

“I made sure to bring one. Don’t make me move this stack of boxes and whip it out.”

“I don’t know how to do any magic,” I insisted.

“Visualize it,” he told me.

“See yourself going into the house.

Walk up the stairs in the front room.

Put your hands on the soft oak banister.

Put one foot down on the carpeted step.

Do you go up one step at a time, or two?”

“One, of course.”

“Okay, one step.. Now you’re at the landing with the stained glass…”

Dongalor is there! And a Squishmallow!”

“We could put a bench there, one of those little ones to rest on the landing..”

We fell asleep. The next morning we woke up and still hadn’t heard anything. Nothing on the house, and nothing on the radiology test. Not yet. Master Pravus has a meeting early in the morning, and after the meeting he looked at me and started screaming: “WE GOT THE HOUSE!”

“The dream house?!”


“Oh my fuck!”

We have a house inspection tomorrow and Master Pravus will be going. I want to go soo bad but I don’t know if I will be up for it or not. I just really need to lay low until we figure out my feeding tube.

Tonight we are celebrating heartily.. Mainly by staring at the pictures we downloaded off the listing over and over and figuring out what goes where. XD LoL! We’re both so excited. We can’t wait to have a place of our own and get all our things out of storage! This is arguably the most exciting thing that has happened in a while. I just am so pleased with the way everything is coming together. 🙂

We don’t know exactly how fast things will move but both us and the sellers are in a hurry so we’re not dragging our heels. We will keep the blog updated. 😀

*A G-tube is like a J tube, but it goes into your stomach instead of into your intestines. They’re both feeding tubes.

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