But Where Have The Cups Gone?

We have cups, I swear- but not only do I have no idea where they’re packed right now.. But last night we went out to the grocery store and bought some take and toss cups and they (of course) are not easily accessible either. I know there’s cups around here, but I have no clue where they are. I guess I don’t technically need to drink anything.. But we found the tea (of course) and I’d like a cup of some liquid please. Lol! Moving is thirsty work and running on IV fluid alone is not my idea of a good time. Then again- that’s moving for you. We’ll find the cups in a couple days I am sure.

Cups aside- Master Pravus took Friday off so we could get the ball rolling on the house, and nothing went the way we wanted or expected it too. I mean, does it ever? We had to go sign for the house, of course and that’s fine. The night before the signing we were scheduled to do our walkthrough. I went with Master Pravus but before we showed up there we were asked if it would be OK if the sellers had until 10AM the following morning to get their stuff out since their movers cancelled on them. We were kind of shocked that they weren’t out already. How were we going to conduct a proper walkthrough with them still in there?

“It doesn’t have to be empty” the realtor we’d been working with insisted.

We side-eyed him. This wasn’t our first house. Time was running out though so we decided to just go because after a few back and fourths it was obvious that we had no real choice. At the house there was still a bunch of stuff in every room. Like, enough to make me and Master Pravus nervous. So we asked to put a contingency plan into place that if they didn’t get their stuff out there’d be a fee so that we didn’t wind up having to dispose of so much stuff. I mean, not only was there so many things- nearly none of it was in boxes. We were just overwhelmed looking at it all.

Flash forward to the signing. The lawyer was shocked that the people were still in there and told us we couldn’t sign unless we did a walkthrough in the condition we’d be receiving it in- I.E. empty! Which made sense to us, but also:

Cue a mad dash over to the house at rapid speed to double check they were out to make sure the house was OK and that we’d still have time to sign papers and receive keys before the weekend. :/

We did get the keys.

Long story short, they didn’t disclose that the furnace was broken. ::Joy:: <—- Sarcasm. So right now we’re running around trying to figure out how quickly that can get solved. Our home warranty won’t work until after thirty days have elapsed since we’ve lived here. So. :/ Trying to solve that now.

The maids were due on Saturday and they did show up and do a good job. But we were meant to be bringing car loads of things back and fourth from the hotel after our belongings crate was dropped off and that couldn’t happen because when the delivery truck arrived with our crate he told us he couldn’t drop it off because it was too snowy and then, drove off shouting out of his window “They’ll call you” with our entire lives in his goddamn truck. Thanks a lot, jackass. My tiny car was handling the snow just fine. We got a couple inches overnight, but it wasn’t icy, or slippery, or anything like the blizzard we got a couple weeks ago. So we had to call back the particular storage crate number we called and they apologized and swore they would bring the crates on Tuesday.

It’s Monday now and we haven’t heard a peep. Sons of bitches. >.< Gimme my stuff back. They did say they would pay any rescheduling fee for our movers if we provided a receipt, but now Master Pravus will need to miss more work and this is just aggravating. Honestly, when we called the movers to reschedule they said that this happens all the time with packing crates. I hope we never need to move again, but the travel crate company we have used has been terrible start to finish and I would never recommend one to anyone. I would just get a moving truck and do it ourselves. I’m sick to death of them holding our stuff hostage. This is the second cancel and it’s awful. >.>

Saturday we also wound up having a bed delivered and that went soo smooth. The delivery people delivered a bed and a futon and they set them both up for us, were so pleasant and got the job done so easily. Them and the maids were a complete joy to work with and I’m so glad that those things went smoothly at least.

Picking Out a Mattress

Right now though we’re freezing (the house won’t get above sixty at the max, but usually is lower than that) and we need to wake up every three hours in the night to refill the furnace with water until they can show up to repair it. Sigh. I also really do hope they can deliver our things soon. We’ve gone so long without our stuff. It’s just hard. I’m really looking forward to getting things set up and feeling homey in here.

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