Journey To Mordor

I’m so excited to write this blog post, this is something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time, and now, with a major abdominal surgery to recover from- it just seems like the right time to actually go ahead and do it.

What am I going to do you ask? I’m going to track my steps until I reach the amount of miles it took for Frodo and Sam to get from Bag End to Mordor. I’ve been tracking my steps for a long time on Twitter, and every day that I hit my step goal I would tweet “Step goal reached” and the amount. But tracking a journey somewhere sounded so fun, and I’ve wanted to track a journey to Mordor ever since I started tracking my steps, which is long before I even had a Twitter account.

One other thing has inspired me to do this right now, too. I mentioned that I’m recovering from my abdominal surgery- and that’s true. One thing that I wanted to be sure I did with this surgery was to be sure that I returned to my more strenuous activities slowly, so I decided (before I even got to the hospital) that I wanted to do only walking workouts for the first year. This is to help me develop a stronger core and joints so I (hopefully) don’t injure myself too soon after I come back from such a big surgery. I’m still going to be active, but I want to be sure to do it properly.

So that’s it! Instead of updating when I hit my daily goals, I’ll just update weekly here with how many miles I walked the previous week, and how much closer I am to getting to my next stop. Master Pravus talked about how there may be prizes along the way, but we’ll see. I have a long way to go.

There’s a little kitty up there on the map, and it will let you know (roughly) where I am on my journey! We will upload a new map on weeks that the kitty has moved far enough down the road to make a noticeable distance.

So, I had my surgery at the end of September, and right now it’s the beginning of November. I’ll start my weekly updates today! So far, I have walked a total of 10 miles and my first stop on this journey is Rivendell. It will take 458 miles to get to Rivendell and so that means I need 448 more miles to get there.

1798 Miles total to Mt. Doom.

1788 Miles left to Mt. Doom.

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