Easy Love Blizzard Masturbation Cup

Recently, HoneySX asked me if I would also review male masturbators, and since it’s something I’ve done a few times in the past I said “Sure! Send it right over!” So, they sent me this:

Suction Cup Base

In the past, Master Pravus hasn’t really had a lot of luck with masturbators, and we’ve tried some pretty high end ones including the Fleshlight brand and the Tenga Flip Hole. Still, we figured there has to be something out there that he’ll eventually like so we wanted to give the Blizzard a chance. After all, it boasts a lot of cool features!

What can it do? Well, to start with, it heats up. It has several modes including rotation, telescopic functions and variable speeds. It has a voice function which features moaning and screams. It charges via USB and has a suction cup base. It has variable gripping compression with internal airbags and a “sensory fingers” lining. It also comes apart for easy cleaning.

This was such a cool and high tech looking toy that we were both excited to try it out and see how it worked! So how did it work…?

Well, Master Pravus’ cock doesn’t fit. He can fit it partway, but not all the way. Because of that, he could force his cock partway in, but then the mechanism jammed and then when he would pull out the suction cup would let go. So, that particular feature wound up not working for us which meant that one or the other of us would have to hold the device, and it’s not a light unit. It weighs nearly two pounds on its own, which is a lot to be thrusting with. I understand that it’s a really high tech machine so it requires a motor and such, but if the suction cup doesn’t work, that’s going to be quite heavy for a lot of people I feel.

From the entrance of the toy the insertable length is six inches max. However, there’s a hard plastic stop at the end, so ideally a cock that’s less than six inches, maybe five and a half hard would be the most comfortable in this toy. There’s a plastic ring inside the toy that won’t allow anything wider than 1 6/8″ in diameter (or 5.5″ in circumference) to penetrate it. And, that’s an absolute max width. A cock smaller than 1 6/8″ would be most comfortable in the unit. If you’re right at 1 6/8″ (or if you’re bigger) you’re likely to either jam the unit or you’re going to just have an uncomfortable time. There’s no leeway here, so please make sure you measure yourself before you buy this toy.

You Can Take It Apart To Clean

As far some some of the features, they would have been really cool Master Pravus thinks, if his cock fit the toy better. The toy did heat up and he said that felt nice. There’s supposed to be a voice feature when you plug in your headphones which features real women moaning, and it does work if you make sure your unit is fully charged each time you use it. The unit is so high tech that when it starts running out of battery this seems like the first thing that drops, so if the moaning feature starts to decline, you’re probably running low on juice.

The Blizzard does have variable speeds, and had it been able to work with Master Pravus’ cock inserted they might have felt really cool! Unfortunately, the toy jammed up and refused to go due to his girthy cock. And equally unfortunate, was the fact that the toy actually cut him. On his cock. Yeah. He was just too big for the unit and the gears kind of tore it when he was taking it out the first time he used it. It wasn’t the best experience to be honest. It really had a lot of great potential, but if you don’t fit, you don’t fit.

The HoneySX website says that the Blizzard is made from TPE but the booklet that came with the toy says its made from TPE, silicone, and ABS Plastic. It’s pretty obvious to us that the case is made from plastic, but we weren’t totally sure what the insertable part of the toy was made from. We assumed that most likely it was TPE because it has a slight smell to it, and the website recommends you use condoms (which implies it’s not sanitary) but we decided to do a flame test anyway to be certain because of the booklet and it did not pass the flame test. So it’s TPE, ignore the booklet and use a condom like the website recommends if you can.

In order to clean, the Blizzard can be taken apart and washed with warm soapy water and allowed to air dry. A small note: the entrance and the sleeve are removable but not separable from the ABS plastic retention rings, so don’t try! Don’t use any harsh chemicals on this either, plain soap and water are what the manufacturer recommends due to the TPE.

Overall, I hesitate to give this a rating at all. It’s a cool toy, but it’s just not the correct size we needed. There’s nothing about it that’s particularly wrong, it’s just not the right toy for the right man. I think that this toy would be better for someone with a cock that fits comfortably. The functions were really neat but I would highly recommend measuring first.

Thank you so much, HoneySX, for allowing us to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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