Water Waltz

I know how to bathe, or at least I did. I’ve had a feeding tube for so long that we had the procedure for bathing/showering with one down pat! But after my tube revision in September bathing became instantly difficult for me. The first time I went upstairs to take a bath in the actual bathroom was weeks after Master Pravus and I initially thought I would manage to get up there. I actually had thought I would get up there maybe two weeks after the original surgery, but it wasn’t until around week four that I managed to get all the way up the stairs for a bath. (There was no way I could stand long enough for a shower at that point.)

Once we got up there, it was instantly apparent that the old shower belt wasn’t going to work for me in the tub. But just the act of putting it on and taking it off was so painful that I then had to call it quits, put my binder back on and try again another day. Oof. That surgery really was the worst one I have ever gone through. What we eventually came up with was a piece of paracord to hold it against me. It couldn’t be simpler or easier.

I haven’t advanced a whole lot in washing myself since surgery. Master Pravus does a lot of it for me. My tube rate hasn’t been going up as it should, and because of that I’m still fairly weak. I have gained more strength than I had at surgery, and so I am able to do some things for myself, but a lot of it he helps me with. I really don’t mind getting help in the tub, but there is one thing that always kind of makes me feel like a completely mewling kitten when he does it. And that’s: my hair.

Hair Washing Time

(Side note: Master Pravus puts color drop tablets in the bath and that’s why the tub is weird colors. If you were wondering. And the colors will be on different sides in the beginning, but as we play and wash they kinda mix and become one big color!)

So as he fixes up my hair, I hold onto the edge of the tub and I mewl kittenishly and he scrubs my head while I try desperately to hold on. He says “mewl”-ing is the most pathetic sound a cat can make and since I never feel exactly like I can hold on I can’t help but squeak out some pathetic mewls during this part. Eek! (I might be imagining it, but I think when I let out my “mewl-s” that he actually scrubs more vigorously, instead of gentler.. But maybe it’s just my perception as the kitty trying to hold on for dear life!)

Before we go much further, I know what you’re thinking. You’re asking yourself:

“Kitty, do you really sit side-saddle in the tub?”

Yes, I do

Yes, I do. I always sit sideways. It’s a feature. That way, I can admire your cock or your tits while you’re washing my hair, and you can admire my titties while I wash those. (I can do those just fine, thank mew. 🙂

There’s one thing though that Master Pravus does with me in the tub that’s really kinda sweet. A little background though. He used to do ballroom dance, but when I met him: he wouldn’t dance with me because I didn’t know how. Over the years, he changed his stance (heh) and said he’d teach me a Waltz (his favorite) so we could dance together. But, he hasn’t yet. But he’s going to! Well, in the tub, when he washes my arms. ::Sappy lovey dovey face::

Water Waltz

You know. Because size kink. And because tub dance. But I don’t swoon in there because if I hit my head on the tile I would die. And dying is against the rules. But how cute is he? I want him to wash my arms forever. ::Kitty semi-swoons::

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