A Little Bit Wholesome

Master Pravus has curiosities that I don’t entirely satisfy. I guess I’m not really a Snickers but, you know, being in general a fairly open-minded and not easily repulsed little wombat I’m fairly open to help him explore. I may not ever be the perfect snack bar for what he’s craving, but I’ll try most things if he wants to.

Master Pravus has been showing proclivities for quite a while towards wanting a little. We have already attempted to explore age play somewhat in the past, and it never really.. Worked for me. I mean, it’s not that I’m repulsed by it, but I just don’t feel connected to it. It doesn’t do much for me. I did have one partner a long time ago who I did some age play with who called me an age play sweet name, (which is hereby redacted) and we had a special connection. But, try as she might, I could never bring myself to call her Mommy, despite her wanting me to. (I mean, she never forced it either. But I just never came around.) I’m not repulsed by other people using titles like “Mommy” or “Daddy” in any kind of way, but it doesn’t work for me. ::Shrugs:: Sorry, but I mean- not everything can be my cup of tea. On the other hand, Master Pravus doesn’t like or desire to be called “Daddy,” either. So I mean. For us, at least in that one way.. There’s no butting heads.

But back to Master Pravus wanting a “little.” I’m not really a little. I’ve talked about it a lot. In my blog, in my vlog. Blah blah blah. I just don’t. I mean. There’s one song (also redacted) that gets me in a little headspace, and there’s also one toy. But as far as my day to day.. It’s not the type of play I ever crave. And I never ask to do it. If I found it genuinely fulfilling, I would just ask Master Pravus if I could be his little. I mean. He wants one, and I’m already his slave. Why wouldn’t I do this for him too? Well. I will do it. It’s not a hard limit. It just doesn’t feel “genuine” for us because it’s so hard to get me there. He has to sneak attack me with (redacted song) and then there’s a few other ways that he’s found to make me feel sort of little… But they’re fleeting, and I mean. I don’t know what to tell you or him.

But regardless of whether or not I’m a very good little… “I’m a terrible little who only plays one when (redacted) is playing and Master Pravus is sneak attacking me with random little bits around the house.. But it does seem very wholesome of him. Kind of cute, too. Actually we had a wholesome interaction recently that I felt I needed to add the above disclaimer to, since we haven’t really done any age play in so long. So there it is, all for some very silly keyhole gibberish:

The Stairs:

Kitty: (Doing her best dramatic bumblebee at the top of the stairs) “I just don’t want to go down all of them. I’m tired, and there’s.. So many!”

Master Pravus came to the bottom, and he stood with his arms out towards me, like he’d catch me if I jumped. My eyes lit up. He was clearly in a mood.

“Come on, Kitty. You can do it. Can you do just one step?”

My face was excited to see him, but I was tired and I didn’t want to deal with stairs. Like Kung Fu Panda, stairs are my worst enemy. I put my hand on the railing and I put a toe down. A toe.

“Come on, Kitty. You can do it. One step. GOOD KITTY!”

I did a very small, very ugly little dance on the stairs.

“I did do it. But there’s so many more… I don’t wanna go down all those.”

“You don’t have to do all those right now,” Master Pravus told me “Just come down one more. His leg was up on the step in front of him, the other leg on the ground firmly. His arms were making motions towards me. “You can do it, Kitty.”

A smile crossed my face as I began to feel.. Playful. Maybe even.. Little? Sometimes, he can do it if he gets just into the right part of my brain. I held onto the rail and I came down the next stair.

“YES! See. Good Kitty. There’s not that many more. Do just one more.”

And I wiggled down another two.

“You’ve already done five. Five stairs. You did all that! By yourself. But you’re almost to me..”

I took one firm step down and I put my head on his shoulder.

“I did it!”

“My good Kitty, I’m so proud of you.”

But the feeling passes so quickly. It’s so fleeting. I can’t feel little all day or anything regardless of how many times he plays (redacted song) or uses that one toy with me, or whatever. Still, this did seem like another notch in my dark, twisty Master’s wholesome belt. (He’s really a cutiepie. But, don’t tell him I told you or anyone else that. It’ll ruin his reputation in the deep dark Overlord of Masters Underbelt. ::Snicker::

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