The Fax

It’s been three weeks since I went in to have my port looked at. I’m not exactly winning at.. “Port.” It isn’t as though I can’t blame myself at least partially for this. Of course I can. I can blame myself for the crippling fear leading up to calling the doctor. But once I went in there. Once I actually went down there and the doctor decided it could be infected and they had to do cultures. Mmhm. I had to wait a week for those cultures to come back clear. Which is good. Great! Fabulous! I felt a lot better about it, but the port is still red and weeping stuff out of it and. I’m still sick. It’s a problem. I’ve already postponed my surgery twice over this.

In the middle of figuring out when my surgery was going to be the surgeon for my hernia surgery called and told me to solve the port and then they would get me a new date for the hernia surgery for sometime after Xmas. Cool. Cool. But someone called me back later that same day from scheduling with a new surgery date and I’m incredibly stressed because my port hasn’t been taken care of yet. I still haven’t been seen for my port. And I don’t wanna cancel my surgery a third time because they haven’t fixed my port yet. And I don’t even know what’s wrong with my port yet. But. Whatever is wrong isn’t good. The thing is literally draining me right now.

So. Master Pravus has been on a little vacation which ends Tuesday, and we’ve spent it basically chasing this down. It hasn’t gone a lot of places. I keep waking up and making plans but getting nowhere with them. Heck, Thursday I wound up getting a fever of 103* that took forever to come down and I got 14 hours of solid sleep. Not winning.

We did figure out the holdup with the referral is that the e-faxes are down so my doctor has to send in a standard fax. But by the time someone told us that information, it was Friday night. It’s just. Two weeks of chasing that and now I’m getting my high high fevers again. It’s so hard. Thankfully we can always get them to come back down, but they’re taking longer and longer each time. It’s frustrating. I just. I want someone to send in the fax so we can get my port fixed and I can go back to.. Functioning as best I can. Because no water is a problem. And I am not getting the water I need like this. We keep having to disconnect it for way too long, and it makes everything worse. It’s a problem. A big problem. I’m hoping in a few days or something I have an answer for when I’ll at least get my port looked at. I really am.

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